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Green Belt March 1, 2011

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Paige has reached the level of Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Ronnie and I are very proud of her.  Just like with the yellow belt, she tested one night, on a Thursday, and we went back on Tuesday to see if she had made it.  We were beyond proud when we saw her run up when her name was called.

Off with the old belt.

And on with the new.

Now that she’s reached this level, we’re moving on to a different activity.  We’re proud of her accomplishment and how she stuck it out.  But, it’s just not active enough for her.  I’m about to become a soccer mom.  We aren’t those parents who overload their children with activities.  We only want her doing one thing at a time.  Anything else is just too much at her age.  Our only requirement is that she finish what she starts.  The Tae Kwon Do could be ended at any time, so we decided to end it now.  There’s still a month before soccer starts, but we needed to end now.  You see, green belts spar with each other.  I have no problem with Paige sparring with others in class since it’s structured and safe.  In order to make it safe we would have to invest in sparring gear.  Neither of us could see spending that type of money when we know we’re going to be stopping the lessons in a month or so.  It seems a waste of money to us.

Paige is a rather active child.  Tae Kwon Do has taught her some discipline and has increased her attention span and how well she listens to us, it has also increased her self confidence.  For that, we’re thankful.  It accomplished exactly what we hoped it would. She’s still as active as ever though, and her classes twice a week aren’t cutting it.  She can’t sit still during the time the other kids are practicing and gets easily bored.  Paige bored is not a good thing, it makes her act up and then she spends time sitting on the bench.  With soccer she’ll be out running most of the time.  We’ll have practice Monday and Wednesday evenings with games on Saturdays, most likely in the mornings.

Paige has been asking to play soccer.  Turning 5 at the end of January finally made her old enough to play.  We’re not sure how much she’ll like it.  If she does, we’ll sign her up for the next season.  If she doesn’t, I think we’ll try gymnastics next.  Again something active that will keep her going for most of a class time.  We want her to try different activities until she finds something she wants to stick with.  What she participates in we leave mostly up to her.  We’re willing to let her try most things once, as long as our checking account agrees.  Horseback lessons twice a week?  Probably more than we can afford.  She’ll have to learn to ride from her cousin Stephi.  Soccer, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, those are all things we can handle.  Now let’s just hope she likes it as much as she says she will.  Otherwise she’ll be a cranky 5 year old going to practices and games.


2 Responses to “Green Belt”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    I’m proud of her!

    It sounds like soccer will be a good fit. As for gymnastics, Ana loves it! (There is some sitting around while others take turns though.)

    • scifimama Says:

      Thanks, Beth! We’ve very proud as well. I’m sure there’s some sitting in gymnastics, but Paige sitting for 10 minutes at a time getting bored isn’t so good.

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