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Assorted Updates March 3, 2011

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Most importantly, my Paper Bag Princess has a costume.  Yes, I have managed to cut holes into a paper bag.  Thank you for the applause, I have managed to master using scissors.  Some of you may wonder where I got a paper bag in today’s shopping world.  Granny’s store still uses them, and so does the commissary on base.  I raided Mom’s stash and grabbed a couple of paper bags.

I finally found our stuffed dragon.  He was in Paige’s room, located in the Pirate Princess Fort, guarding her doll house.  Yes, my little girl has a pretty good imagination.  The wagon is not completely ready for the parade yet, but it’s getting closer.  I have the dragon and a cardboard box.  Now to make the box look like a cave and finish decorating the wagon in beads to make it all festive.

My beautiful iPhone 4 has been returned to me!  Fed Ex was supposed to delivery it by 10:30 last Thursday morning.  It finally got here around 2 PM Friday afternoon.  I got it restored back to my apps and settings, and my new phone is up and running.  I’m enjoying being able to surf faster than ever.  In other Apple related news, iPad 2 has been announced.  It’s thinner, it’s pretty, and it’s coming out soon.  Not that I’ll be getting an iPad 2.  But, I’m hoping this means Apple will drop the price of the original iPad by half, like they do with the older iPhones when the new model comes out.  If they drop the price in half, it may come down into my price range.  And just in time for my birthday next month too.

Another thing I was waiting for was Patrick Rothfuss’ new book, The Wise Man’s Fear.  Beth over at C. Beth Blog turned me onto the author.  Book 1 was very good, and I was impatiently waiting for book 2, along with lots of other people.  The book was released Tuesday morning.  The book store opened at 10; I took lunch at 11 to go get my book.  I walked in and had to ask for a copy, since I couldn’t find it on the shelf.  There was a very good reason I couldn’t find it on the shelves, they hadn’t had time to place it on the table.  Every time they tried to make a spot for it and put it out, someone else came looking for it.  The bookstore started with 15 copies at 10 AM, and had 3 when I walked out the door.  As much as I would love to stick my nose in the book and not come up (like I do with Harry Potter), I have to go to work, and make a parade float.

And finally, our daycare dilema has been solved.  And it was solved the easiest way I know: we’re not moving.  Yes, it was that simple.  Either way one of us will have to make that commute.  And since we couldn’t find something in a decent area that we could afford, we decided to stay where we are.  We have an amazing daycare for before and after school care.  We’re in a very good school district where we are.  So, why not stay where we are?  It made sense to us.  Housing prices skyrocketed after Hurricane Katrina.  The further we get from it, prices are slowly coming down.  Hopefully prices will come down more and we’ll be able to find something we like and can afford.  Even better would be if the insurance reform is pursued in Mississippi like the rumors I’ve heard have said.  See, we can afford the mortgage on a house south of I-10, but we can’t afford the homeowners insurance.  At the end of next school year we’ll try again.

I think that’s everything around here that’s been going on.  Not all that exciting.  Except maybe the iPad 2 announcement.  It really is a very pretty piece of equipment.


One Response to “Assorted Updates”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    I want the iPad 2!!

    I’m really enjoying TWMF. I’m forcing myself to do house cleaning and cooking and such; it makes me feel less guilty about spending so much time just READING. 🙂

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