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K-9 the cat March 15, 2011

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Ronnie’s cat, K-9, is a bit odd.  No, we don’t find his name in the least odd.  He’s named after Dr. Who’s robot dog who is also grey and has about the same personality.   K-9 acts more like a dog than a cat in many ways.  One of his little quirks is his love of ponytail holders.  He doesn’t like mine, or even Paige’s, he only wants Aunt Wii’s ponytail holders.  The cat is pretty smart too.  Aunt Wii moved them from on top of the vanity to putting them in a drawer.  Did that stop the Robot Cat Dog?  Nope.  He learned to open drawers just to get them.  Now they’re kept in a sealed container inside a drawer.  I’ll let you know if he figures out how to open the container.


Not only does he like to get ponytail holders, but he likes to play with them too.  When he’s done playing with them, being a good cat, he puts them away for next time.  You may ask yourself where a cat stores his toys.  Well, in the place that’s nearest and dearest to his heart.  The food dish.

Yes, I know it needs to be washed.  K-9’s picky about that.  Wash it too often and he freaks out.  He prefers it dirty.  He also won’t drink fresh water in his bowl.  He prefers dirty rain water from a clay pot outside.

I’ve had other cats bring me little gifts.  Usually a dead animal of some sort.  I’ve been given squirrels, birds and mice.  That’s more of what you expect to find on your porch in the mornings.  Not all that pleasant to dispose of, but it’s at least somewhat expected.  K-9?  K-9 finds that too mundane.  Instead he brings us this:

In case you’re wondering, it’s a water ball for the beach.  Soak it in water and throw it at someone.  K-9 likes to play with it and leave it in front of the door for us in the mornings.  Not nearly as nasty to accidentally step on in the mornings, but easy to trip on and twist an ankle.  I’m speaking from experience here.  He’s a good cat who likes to relax on the back of the couch.  Ronnie is definitely his human.  He may tolerate the rest of us, but he loves Ronnie.

And yes, Ronnie really does blame his parents.


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