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Audubon Zoo March 22, 2011

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We took a weekend trip to New Orleans last weekend.  We went to visit family and see the zoo before it got too hot.  Having family who lives in New Orleans makes trips like this very possible.  Hotel Aunt Connie has all the comforts of home; probably because it’s my sister in law’s house.  We booked our stay and off we went.

The zoo was fun.  The high Saturday got up to the upper 70’s.  By mid afternoon it was already warm enough for the animals to be rather lazy about moving or to go indoors to their air conditioned habitats.  Our first stop was the restrooms where I found this hanging in the stall.

That started my day off with a laugh.  And yes, I really did get out the camera to snap a picture.  When else would I have the chance?  We saw all the usual animals you would expect: elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys.  Paige got to love on a baby elephant.

Paige & Mommy even wrestled an aligator!

All of the statues around the park is one of my favorite things about the Audubon Zoo.  A zoo is a zoo.  I know that probably sounds callous, but zoos showcase different types of animals for us to see.  Yes, each zoo has different animals based on the area.  The Indianapolis Zoo gave me my very first real life peek at a polar bear.  What sets a zoo apart, at least for me, is what they have around the zoo.  Are the grounds pretty?  Not just the habitat, but the people trails as well.  Yes, Audubon Zoo has beautiful grounds.  I enjoy all of the extras that make the zoo more fun.  And for me, playing on the statues is one of the best.  The other great part is Monkey Hill.

Monkey Hill is the highest area of New Orleans.  It’s a whopping 20 feet tall.  You read that correctly, 20 feet.  I don’t know exactly where that puts it in relation to sea level.  But, since New Orleans as a whole is roughly 7 feet below sea level, that would place Monkey Hill at 13 feet above sea level.  Not high according to most people.  It was build to give New Orleans kids the chance to experience a hill.  There’s a serious lack of hills in a city that sits below sea level.  In recent years it’s been expanded with a water play area, a tree house, and a pride of lion statues.  Our favorite part?  Rolling down the hill.  Paige & Daddy had a blast.

We spent the day wondering around the zoo seeing things and having fun.  Audubon Zoo is a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it.  If you get the chance go early in the spring, as in the next couple of weeks, or wait until the fall.  One fact we found interesting is that the zoo is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and the second Friday of Jazz Fest.  No idea why that particular Friday.



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