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Housework? Blah! June 23, 2011

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Who needs to do housework?  Not me.  I’ve got clean laundry in the hampers, unfolded, waiting for me to wear them.  The kitchen has been cleaned & the living room is a mess.  The coffee table is covered in a 500 piece puzzle we’re working on as a family.  The kitchen table?  Well, we’re not going there.  You see, it’s been covered in skeins of yarn.

Skeins of yarn you ask?  Yes, most definitely, yes.  I’m completely obsessed with crocheting.  I’ve got a basket overflowing with yarn to finish my blanket.  I keep getting where I think is halfway done, only to realize it’s not big enough, and I have to add more than I thought.  What started out as a bright green and almost neon multi colored yarn has grown to include a bright blue and a bright pink as well.  I’m rotating the colors around so that I have extra large stripes of a solid, then multi colored, then solid.  The hardest part is trying to keep the pattern balanced and looking nice.  Once I get a bit further I’ll share my throw blanket.  Throw blanket may be an understatement.  I wanted something large that wouldn’t be skimpy at all.  It covers my feet to my shoulders and has room for more than one underneath.  It should be a great snuggling blanket when I’m done.

Not only am I crocheting a blanket, but Ronnie has learned to knit.  You read that right, my husband learned to knit.  He could already crochet, but he needed to knit in order to make a scarf like the one worn by Dr Who.  He’s currently working on a replica of a 14 foot scarf  worn by Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor.  He hopes that he can have it finished in time to wear on Halloween.  He may even wear it to my cousin Steven’s wedding in March.  Steven and his super amazingly cool fiancee Amber are having a Dr Who themed wedding.  I don’t know who’s more excited: the bride and groom or the geeky cousin!

With Ronnie and I both spending hours sitting on the couch with yarn we had to find something to keep Paige occupied.  Why not teach her to crochet?  That’s exactly what we did.  She can’t crochet very well or even do more than a simple chain stitch.  The important thing is she’s happy doing it.  She was super excited to learn to crochet and likes to sit down between us on the couch with her crochet hook and pink sparkly yarn and make chain stitches.  Our cats even got in on the action.  Ronan took over a skein of yarn that was left out one night last weekend.  She had a blast and left yarn all over the living room.  Ronnie cut it from the rest of the skein and rolled it up for her.  Now she leaves our stuff alone to play with hers.

It looks like for now we are a family of yarn fools.  Housework may be suffering, my Facebook games have most definitely suffered, and it looks like the blog is second priority as well.  I guess like any new hobby we have dived in and aren’t ready to come up for air yet.  Hopefully soon though.  I’m getting tired of digging to the bottom of the basket for clean bras every morning.


One Response to “Housework? Blah!”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    I love the idea of teaching Paige! I’d wondered if Chickie was old enough to learn to chain stitch…. I guess I should try it! And a Doctor Who themed wedding…AWESOME.

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