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Vacations are good June 29, 2011

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We had a really good time on our mini vacation.  We started at the Gulf Shores Zoo.  It’s a nice zoo and very small.  After some time playing and petting the baby animals the girls, Paige and our niece Emily, each rode a camel.  After a quick lunch we headed back to the hotel.  We spent some good quality time in the pool before doing a small bit of shopping.  It was Ronnie, Paige, me, our niece Emily, Ronnie’s mom Nancy and his grandmother Emo.  Ronnie and I snuck away for some window shopping that turned into me getting a nice new purse.  It was just a relaxing day all around.

Sunday morning we offered to bring Emily back home with us.  She and Paige were playing well together despite their age difference (13 and 5) so we thought more time together would be good for them.  Nancy’s house is just a couple miles off my usual route to work, allowing me to drop Emily off Monday morning before making it all the way in to work.  It seemed like a perfect arrangement for all of us.  Thanks to Nancy picking Paige up on her way to the beach we drove out with no kids, and came back with two.  Adding the second kid was wonderful!

Emily and Paige played together, peacefully, for hours.  Literally, for hours.  They were playing so quietly in her room that we almost forgot they were even there!  About the time we were getting used to the quiet one of them would come in the living room headed for the kitchen and some sort of snack.  It was so quiet I was even able to clean and reorganize both the pantry and the fridge.  I cleaned out some canned goods we won’t use and took them to the food drive at work.  I even baked cookies and blueberry muffins!  It was amazing to get so much done.

It was so nice that we’re getting Emily back.  Friday evening I’ll pick her up on my way home from work and we’ll keep her for a week.  Her other grandmother lives in the same town as us so she’ll go visit with her during the day and stay with us in the evenings.  That way she’s not sitting here at the house bored all day with nothing to do.  I should find something else to call her besides kid.  She’s 13 now and definitely no longer a kid.


One Response to “Vacations are good”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    That sounds ideal for both girls! (And for you!)

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