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Just one of those days July 1, 2011

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As I write this Thursday night it’s been one of the crappiest days I’ve had in quite a while.  I try to not blog about the negative things because who wants to read it?  We all have problems and don’t want to spend quality blog reading time by reading about someone else’s problems.  Feel free to skip this post but I’ve got to get it out.

The day started with Paige having an accident in her bed.  OK, that I can handle.  Strip the bed as she takes off her nightgown and panties and tosses them in the washer.  (My laundry room is attached to my bathroom so it makes things easier.)  The rest of our morning goes just fine after a quick clean up, a snuggle, then we’re ready to start our day.  After I drop Paige off at daycare I make an unplanned stop at Starbucks.  Being unplanned means I don’t have my reusable cup with me so I have to use one of their paper cups.  I can do that once in a while.  Get my Starbucks venti 6 pump Chai tea latte and get on the interstate headed to work.

And that’s when it happens.  I’m picking up the cup when the lid pops off and the cup slips from my hand about 6 inches to land in the cup holder.  Hot chai latte landed on my lap and splashed over most of the car.  I grabbed my lightweight hoody I take to work for the cold office to soak up what’s trying to soak into my seat.  Because I have to drive back into town to drop Paige off, I was actually about to pass the exit to my house.  I pull into my driveway 5 minutes later, send an email to my boss I’ll be late, and start to clean myself up.  Change my clothes, wipe down the car and try to clean the seat as best I can.  After a thirty minute detour I get back on the road to work.

I’m sitting at my desk and decide to have a morning snack.  I open up a new can of my favorite Planter’s nut mix. And then it happens again.  They’ve removed the sesame sticks and replaced them with unsalted whole wheat pretzels.  Can I just say unsalted whole wheat pretzels totally suck.  They taste like paper.  Or maybe wood chips.  Either way, they’re icky and sesame sticks are wonderful.  There goes my morning snack.  I attempt to eat lunch since my snack didn’t go well.  It was something I hadn’t tried before and was totally inedible.  Off to Taco Bell for a quick meal.  At this point I’m just being anti social and sit in my car with a good book.  And drop taco on my lap, repeatedly.

Work in the afternoon wasn’t good either so I was looking forward to the drive home.  It’s a long drive but it’s time to myself.  Music I want to listen to, or listen to nothing, no one asking me questions, or trying to get me to do anything.  It’s totally my time.  Good thing I feel that way since the drive was about 30 minutes longer than usual.  That’s because of 4 accidents in a 6 mile stretch and no exits to get off the interstate.  I spent that 30 minutes texting my cousin Stephi the sheriff’s deputy.  She knew about the accidents and knew I was stopped so she didn’t yell at me.  At one point I got up to 15 MPH for a few seconds.  I felt like I was speeding.

Dinner left with with an upset stomach.  I’m really hoping that Friday is better to me. Thursday wasn’t very kind so fingers crossed for a good day.  It’s the start of a three day weekend, so that’s already something to look forward to.


One Response to “Just one of those days”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Geez!!! Let’s hope you got all your bad luck for July over with early, on June 30! Hope today has been better!

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