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It’s Soccer Time! September 16, 2012

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This is our 3rd season playing soccer. We chose to play at our local YMCA. We enjoy the non competitive format. Yes, there’s a score and yes, there’s an actual winner. However it’s less cut throat than playing at the local parks. Some of those leagues are super competitive. Paige is still developing her skills. We’ve moved up from digging in the dirt and biting our nails to actually running after the ball. That’s a huge improvement!

We will be coaches for the 2nd season, coaching ages 5-7. Our goal is for the kids to learn good basics, and to still like it at the end of the season. Neither of us believe kids should be pushed so hard that they hate the game. If a parent wants a more competitive league, they are welcome to join the park teams. Each parent wants different things for their kids.

We have practices on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with games on Saturday morning. There are 2 weeks of practice before the first game. There are either 6 or 8 games before the tournament at the end of the season. I will miss 2 games for prior Girl Scout commitments.

Now comes the fun part. Now we juggle soccer, homework, and Girl Scouts. Ronnie is a co-leader and has homework to prepare things for the girls to earn their journeys and badges. I help out a lot with the girls as well. I can’t make it to the meetings since I’m still at work when they start. Ronnie can’t go to a lot of the weekend events since there are a lot of overnights and men can’t generally attend them. By the time we get into the groove of things and have the routine down perfect, the season will be over and things will seem dull.


One Response to “It’s Soccer Time!”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    That sounds like a good balance…competitive but not cutthroat!

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