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Frustrated September 24, 2012

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I write this being very frustrated. We are members of our local YMCA. Ronnie and I coach YMCA soccer for Paige’s age group. We do this to be active in her life. Ronnie said from the moment I was pregnant that he wanted to be a soccer coach and have fun with our child. Well, 6 years later here we are. This is our second season coaching.

Last season I got a bit frustrated with how the youth sports director handled things. Scheduled game dates were changed, our schedules and uniforms were late. Emails, phone calls and texts were returned days later, if at all. as a coach parents ask us questions. Sometimes we don’t have the answer, and turn to the coordinator for the answer since its her job. Yes, this is a paid position, not a volunteer slot.

This season, things are even worse. Schedules were due to us by Friday. As I write this Monday night, still nothing. She put kids on our team who had already been refunded their money. We only had 10 kids to begin with, and 3 dropped out. That left us with 7 kids when we have to play 6 at a time. We asked about getting more. Did we? Yes, but only one we found, and that’s a whole ‘nother paragraph. Instead of giving more players to the teams with barely enough, she created two additional teams after registration deadline. We are supposed to play on half fields and instead have 5-6 year olds running around on full soccer fields. I hope we have uniforms before the first game. At this point, I have my doubts.

We did have someone join our team, Paige’s friend Jude. His mom was going to play him up in the next age group to challenge him more. Too bad that coach was given over 20 players when he should have no more than 14-16. He had to cut players, the ones who he picked to cut, and they had to find different teams themselves if they wanted to play this season. I think that was wrong. They should have found teams for them. What would have happened if I hadn’t been friends with Jude’s mom? How would she have found another team for him to play on? At least we got another player. Jude’s a good player, but we would have welcomed him with open arms even if he was the worst one out there. Why? It’s rec league soccer and the kids want to learn to play.

I think part of the problem is the YMCA soccer merged with a local non rec league soccer club. They’re competitive and from what I hear around town, not all that not all that nice. Yes, as a perk for coaching we get free soccer instead of having to pay the registration fee. Personally, I would gladly pay the fee to have these problems go away. I’ve been reluctant to complain and be labeled a trouble maker. I don’t want Paige to be excluded or us not be allowed to coach because I complained. If we don’t have uniforms by Thursday,the promised date of delivery, and no schedule by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be sending a link to my blog to the director of the local YMCA. Our first game is Saturday. Wish us luck that we have a game time and something to wear.


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