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Our New Normal August 30, 2013

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Things have changed quite a bit around here.  I’ve taken a job back in the office I started in.  I’m still with the same company, but instead of an hour commute each way I have a 10 minute commute.  That worked out perfectly since Ronnie also took a promotion.  His promotion has taken him further away from home.  


Ronnie now travels.  A lot.  He will be away for the majority of football season.  His new job is twofold.  First, during football season he is in charge of the alumni skyboxes at a major university.  It’s an SEC school and all alumni boxes get catered food at the football games.  He is the one who oversees all of the food.  Once football season is over he will be traveling, but not as much.  He will travel as a corporate trainer for the company he works for.  He has stayed with the same company just taken a promotion with them.  They’re a good company and he really likes it there.


This is definitely something new for us.  We’ve never had him away from home this often.  We Skype frequently to help with missing each other.  Paige asks most nights to Skype with Daddy.  She’s adjusting to this pretty well.  The biggest change for me is now I’m doing the single parent gig.


I’ve always had Ronnie here to help me out.  In fact, he’s done the majority of activities with Paige.  His work hours had him off at 2:30 every afternoon.  He could get Paige and get her to Girl Scouts, soccer, swim lessons, all that good stuff.  While my job is willing to work with me on activities, it’s still not always possible to leave at 3:45 on a Tuesday to get to Girl Scouts.  As a result, I’ve joined with a friend to start our own troop. I’m still doing soccer and swim lessons, but at least one thing is easier to mold into my schedule.


So, stick around and watch me lose my mind a little at a time!


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