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And So It Goes September 11, 2013

Filed under: Mommy,Paige,Work — scifimama @ 3:36 pm

One of the drawbacks of Ronnie traveling is when Paige isn’t feeling well. Before, we would split the day. I would take the mornings, then he would get afternoons. That way neither of us missed a full day of work and we could easily take care of her. Now, when the school calls and says she isn’t feeling well, it’s all up to me.

This has now happened twice since school started a month ago. My job works with me and allows me to work from home. But really, it’s not that productive. I admire people who have the discipline to work from home and get a full work week completed. I’ve been home for a couple of hours now. I’ve checked Facebook, set up an event for our Girl Scout troop, read some of my book and watched NCIS. During that I did spend a little time working. I’ve actually worked myself to a stopping point.

Well, not exactly. There’s more I could do, but it’s hard to do with just one monitor. I’m so used to having two monitors that doing some things are just too difficult with one. So I also spent some time on New Egg finding a monitor. Maybe that will help me work from home a little better. Or maybe it would just allow me to check Facebook easier while I watch NCIS and pretend to work.


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