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I’ve missed blogging. May 26, 2013

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I’m finding that more and more I miss blogging. Work is very stressful and this gives me a chance to relax and have some fun. I’m trying to find more time for myself to do things I enjoy and to relieve some of my stress. One of those is to get back to writing. I hope to be back on here twice a week. Lets see of I can keep up with that.


I’m back! September 1, 2012

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It was just too hard to try to blog with my work schedule and commute. Spending 2 1/2 hours in a car, 5 days a week makes sitting on the couch and blogging a low priority. Well, Friday was my last day of the commute. I’m going back to working at my old job. It’s all the same company, but my daily commute just got cut down to almost nothing. I’ll be able to take Paige to school every morning and still get to work on time. Paige and I can also sleep until 6:30 instead of getting up with Ronnie at 4:30. Paige is super excited. You can expect more frequent blog posts now. Probably not everyday since we have so much going on. But I’ll be posting several times a week at least.

A lot has happened since I stopped blogging. Paige is in girl scouts. Ronnie is an awesome dad who is a co-leader. I help out on trips as well. Paige also plays soccer, and I’m sure you can guess who the coaches are. So far first grade has been easy. Of course, the fact that we missed almost a week because of Hurricane Isaac makes it even better.


Bad blogger September 26, 2011

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I haven’t posted in a while and I don’t have a good excuse.  I really don’t.  I got busy, then thought about posting, but it had been a week or so and wondered if I should or if it would make me a bad blogger to just blog when I felt like it.  Then I realized that’s exactly what I can do.  No, I won’t build up constant traffic that way, but at least it’s something.

Things around here have been great.  Paige is adjusting well to school.  She likes it and loves that she’s learning to read.  Work is the same for both me and Ronnie.  We’re busy but prefer it that way.  I hate to be bored at work.  If I’m going to be sitting in a place for 8 plus hours a day then at least I should be able to stay busy.

I’m looking forward to a girls getaway this weekend.  We’ve been planning it for months and months.  It’s a bunch of internet friends getting together in real life.  I’ve met most of the women going already.  But this time I finally get to meet Caroline!  It’s about time.  After all, I have plans with her for Thanksgiving weekend.  We’re headed to DC to meet up with another of our internet friends.  This one I thought I would never get to meet; her name is Katie and lives in Australia!  She and her hubby will be in the US during that time frame.  She’s willing to fly for something like 24 hours so I’m willing to drive for about 16 hours to see her.  I think it’s only fair.

I do promise to try to post more.  I have some great craft tutorials to post.


I’m back, kind of. June 8, 2011

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I took a little break there for a while.  The truth is, it all got overwhelming.  Between work, soccer three times a week, sleep, and showering my days were just full and complete over flowing with things that needed to be done RIGHT NOW.  I was exhausted all the time and trying to figure out what I had time for and what I didn’t.  I thought I wouldn’t have time for this blog, even though I didn’t want to give it up.  Turns out, I don’t have to give it up, I just have to lower my expectations.

I was expecting too much of myself.  I was thinking I had to write a post every single weekday or I was a failure at blogging.  And I don’t.  I’ve lowered my expectations of myself.  Now, I expect myself to post twice a week.  That’s a number I feel I can start with.  See, here’s the thing.  I don’t blog until Paige goes down for bed at 8.  And I like to be in bed between 9:30 and 10.  Yes, that’s early, but so is 4:45 when the alarm goes off every morning.  In order to get a decent amount of sleep, I have to go to bed early.  So in that hour and a half to two hours I have a lot to do.  There’s the bare minimum housework (clean the kitchen mostly), get things ready for the next day, shower since grooming is rather important in my life, and spend time with my husband.

I don’t recommend that everyone lower their expectations, but for me, it was needed.  I enjoy writing and the blog is a good outlet for me.  Blogging less each week doesn’t make me less of a blogger, it makes me more realistic and a better Mommy and wife.  I keep that extra time for things like painting with Paige, bedtime stories, bike riding, and snuggling on the couch watching Dr. Who with Ronnie.  So stay tuned, there will be more posts coming soon.  In my next one I’ll give you a quick update on my our lives for the past few months.


Funny spam February 4, 2011

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The Word Press spam filter is really good.  Just about every day I have some sort of spam just waiting for me to delete.  I don’t spend a lot of time reading them, but I do glance over them to see if it’s anything funny.  This one made me giggle:


Ninjasecretsrevealed. E-Books Showing People How To Become A Ninja & Related Martial Arts Books. Ninjasecretsrevealed.


I didn’t post the whole thing because most of the rest is funny, but has too many links to try to remove.  I definitely should click them though.  I mean, I can learn the secrets of the ninja.  The only thing better is if it were secrets of the ninja zombies.


Time Wasters November 4, 2010

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How do you waste time on the internet?  I waste plenty of time on Facebook.  And looking around on websites like Think Geek and Amazon.  More Think Geek than Amazon though.  I read through my favorite blogs.  Which reminds me, I need to update them.  I really need to add this one.  It’s a blog written by one of my online friends.  I hope to cure the online part and meet her in person next year when we go to DC.  She lives around the area and is on my list of things to see and do in DC.  And if her posts about her son don’t make you stop and think, nothing will.  He’s an amazing boy.  I remember when she posted a video of his first steps about a year and a half ago.  I cried as I watched the him do it a little later than the rest of our kids.  But it meant so much more because he worked so much harder for it.

I spend time on my Mommy board.  I will NOT consider that wasting time.  Those women keep me sane some days and that’s not always an easy task.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at Disney websites trying to plan a perfect vacation without over planning things.

So, how do you spend your time online?  What great blogs or sites am I missing out on?


Randomness September 30, 2010

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I’m still loving my new car. It’s almost a month old now and still has the new car smell! No, that’s not why I love it. But, yes, I’m still enjoying that car! I’ve been flagged down twice at red lights for people to ask me about it. Yesterday someone just sat at a stop sign pointing at my car and trying to get the guy in the passenger seat to look.

The other day I watched Ronnies cat, K-9, catch a squirrel. He managed to corner it and put his paw on the tail to kind of hold it in place. The second he did that he scared the crap out of himself and the squirrel! K-9 picked up his paw to look at it like “Woa! Dude! I caught a squirrel with this paw!” and the squirrel used that chance to run away.

My cat, Ronan, is still not allowed to sleep in bed with us. She hogs the bed, the covers, and lays on top of me. I can’t sleep that way!

My company has finally come out with an information age policy. I can blog, and I can use Facebook, but I can’t say bad things about the company or our clients. I honestly don’t think I have in almost 3 years of blogging. And of course, you have no idea where I work, or what my full name is to find out. Well, expect for my family and some real life friends, they know all those details.

Paige changed her name to Ballerina Butterfly. That was two days ago. This morning she says her name is Belle. And here’s how she’s going to school today.


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