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Surprise! July 22, 2011

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My Friday started out like any other. Nothing was out of the ordinary until around 1:30 when I checked my personal email. I had a notice from my insurance company about the change in my car policy and attached my new cards. I thought it was too early for my renewal but opened the cards anyway. It said 2011 Kia Sportage. Hmmm. I drive a 2011 Kia but it’s a Soul not a Sportage. Before I call the insurance company I call Ronnie. The conversation went a little something like this:
Me: “Where are you?”
Ronnie: “Heading home.”
Me: “Where ya been?”
Ronnie: “Work.”
Me: “Have you been to a Kia dealership today?”
Ronnie: “Surprise!”
Me: “I want an iPad 2.”

Yes, without discussing it with me my darling husband went out and bought a new car. I get his reasons and I’m glad he got a nice car and lowered the monthly car payment significantly. We won’t discuss how much longer we have car notes. After I got home from work Friday evening we made a quick trip to Best Buy. I’m typing up this blog on my new iPad. I’ve wanted it for a while and I’m really enjoying it. I know some wives who have their husbands buy jewelry as part of the I’m sorry process. Not me, I want technology. I’m wondering how much this will replace my MacBook Pro.


Housework? Blah! June 23, 2011

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Who needs to do housework?  Not me.  I’ve got clean laundry in the hampers, unfolded, waiting for me to wear them.  The kitchen has been cleaned & the living room is a mess.  The coffee table is covered in a 500 piece puzzle we’re working on as a family.  The kitchen table?  Well, we’re not going there.  You see, it’s been covered in skeins of yarn.

Skeins of yarn you ask?  Yes, most definitely, yes.  I’m completely obsessed with crocheting.  I’ve got a basket overflowing with yarn to finish my blanket.  I keep getting where I think is halfway done, only to realize it’s not big enough, and I have to add more than I thought.  What started out as a bright green and almost neon multi colored yarn has grown to include a bright blue and a bright pink as well.  I’m rotating the colors around so that I have extra large stripes of a solid, then multi colored, then solid.  The hardest part is trying to keep the pattern balanced and looking nice.  Once I get a bit further I’ll share my throw blanket.  Throw blanket may be an understatement.  I wanted something large that wouldn’t be skimpy at all.  It covers my feet to my shoulders and has room for more than one underneath.  It should be a great snuggling blanket when I’m done.

Not only am I crocheting a blanket, but Ronnie has learned to knit.  You read that right, my husband learned to knit.  He could already crochet, but he needed to knit in order to make a scarf like the one worn by Dr Who.  He’s currently working on a replica of a 14 foot scarf  worn by Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor.  He hopes that he can have it finished in time to wear on Halloween.  He may even wear it to my cousin Steven’s wedding in March.  Steven and his super amazingly cool fiancee Amber are having a Dr Who themed wedding.  I don’t know who’s more excited: the bride and groom or the geeky cousin!

With Ronnie and I both spending hours sitting on the couch with yarn we had to find something to keep Paige occupied.  Why not teach her to crochet?  That’s exactly what we did.  She can’t crochet very well or even do more than a simple chain stitch.  The important thing is she’s happy doing it.  She was super excited to learn to crochet and likes to sit down between us on the couch with her crochet hook and pink sparkly yarn and make chain stitches.  Our cats even got in on the action.  Ronan took over a skein of yarn that was left out one night last weekend.  She had a blast and left yarn all over the living room.  Ronnie cut it from the rest of the skein and rolled it up for her.  Now she leaves our stuff alone to play with hers.

It looks like for now we are a family of yarn fools.  Housework may be suffering, my Facebook games have most definitely suffered, and it looks like the blog is second priority as well.  I guess like any new hobby we have dived in and aren’t ready to come up for air yet.  Hopefully soon though.  I’m getting tired of digging to the bottom of the basket for clean bras every morning.


Life in a Nutshell March 30, 2011

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Paige has been sick off and on for a week.  It’s her sinuses.  Everything is blooming here to the point that my green car is yellow.  All of us are having sinus problems.  When school calls to go get her because she’s either thrown up or is running a fever, our schedules get changed up.  Monday it happened just as Ronnie was supposed to get off work, so that was great timing.  Tuesday I took off to spend the day with her.  We had a movie day watching Tangled and The Neverending Story.  To my surprise Ronnie had never seen it, so I got to share it with both of them.  Neither of them liked it as much as I did.

Soccer practice is taking up time and making things more interesting.  Cooking and having decent meals is getting harder to do when we don’t get home until 6:30 and bedtime is at 8.  Our first game is Saturday morning.  It should be interesting watching the group of them trying to play a game.  No idea how well it will go, but as long as Paige is having fun, that’s all that matters.  One of the Dad’s there annoys me at practice.  He’s too competitive.  This is five and six year old soccer.  He’s out there with a boy only 4, says he’ll be 5 soon, and telling him how he has to score and to run faster, and all sorts of things like that.  It really bothers me.  I think at this age they should be out there learning to play and be good sports.  They will win some games and lose some.  I want Paige to enjoy the game either way and to realize that for every team that wins, a team doesn’t, and be nice about winning.  I don’t think this dad has the same ideas.  When we signed up we were given a booklet of information, including a guideline for how parents must act, or risk being banned from their children’s games.  Something tells me this dad won’t be around for long.

I’ve used my time off to put together the goody bags for Paige’s Easter party at school.  I’ve also stuffed the eggs for the Easter egg hunt they’ll have that day.  And I purchased the paper products for the party.  I think I’m pretty well ready for a party I can’t attend.  I’ve used up all my vacation time taking care of a sick baby girl.  I do still have a tax return to finish up this week.

For the most part things are hectic, but it’s exactly as I would expect.  Things never seem to settle down and go perfectly smooth.  If it does, I would wonder who’s life I’m in.  Things do have a tendency to work out.  Ronnie is off work Wednesday.  That means I get to go to work and not worry about getting that call that she’s sick.  I posted her symptoms on Facebook and found out that the same thing has been going around the 2 year old room at daycare, and typically lasts a couple of days.  If that’s right, then Paige should be able to go back to school Thursday.  Cross your fingers that it really happens that way.


Audubon Zoo March 22, 2011

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We took a weekend trip to New Orleans last weekend.  We went to visit family and see the zoo before it got too hot.  Having family who lives in New Orleans makes trips like this very possible.  Hotel Aunt Connie has all the comforts of home; probably because it’s my sister in law’s house.  We booked our stay and off we went.

The zoo was fun.  The high Saturday got up to the upper 70’s.  By mid afternoon it was already warm enough for the animals to be rather lazy about moving or to go indoors to their air conditioned habitats.  Our first stop was the restrooms where I found this hanging in the stall.

That started my day off with a laugh.  And yes, I really did get out the camera to snap a picture.  When else would I have the chance?  We saw all the usual animals you would expect: elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys.  Paige got to love on a baby elephant.

Paige & Mommy even wrestled an aligator!

All of the statues around the park is one of my favorite things about the Audubon Zoo.  A zoo is a zoo.  I know that probably sounds callous, but zoos showcase different types of animals for us to see.  Yes, each zoo has different animals based on the area.  The Indianapolis Zoo gave me my very first real life peek at a polar bear.  What sets a zoo apart, at least for me, is what they have around the zoo.  Are the grounds pretty?  Not just the habitat, but the people trails as well.  Yes, Audubon Zoo has beautiful grounds.  I enjoy all of the extras that make the zoo more fun.  And for me, playing on the statues is one of the best.  The other great part is Monkey Hill.

Monkey Hill is the highest area of New Orleans.  It’s a whopping 20 feet tall.  You read that correctly, 20 feet.  I don’t know exactly where that puts it in relation to sea level.  But, since New Orleans as a whole is roughly 7 feet below sea level, that would place Monkey Hill at 13 feet above sea level.  Not high according to most people.  It was build to give New Orleans kids the chance to experience a hill.  There’s a serious lack of hills in a city that sits below sea level.  In recent years it’s been expanded with a water play area, a tree house, and a pride of lion statues.  Our favorite part?  Rolling down the hill.  Paige & Daddy had a blast.

We spent the day wondering around the zoo seeing things and having fun.  Audubon Zoo is a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it.  If you get the chance go early in the spring, as in the next couple of weeks, or wait until the fall.  One fact we found interesting is that the zoo is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and the second Friday of Jazz Fest.  No idea why that particular Friday.



Very boring January 20, 2011

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Most people probably won’t admit they’re boring, but I can.  I’m blogging this on Wednesday evening sitting on the couch, and will schedule it to post Thursday morning.  We’ve spent the week so far in the usual way: work, dinner, showers, bed.  Ronnie shook things up Tuesday by being diagnosed with bronchitis.  He’s not contagious, and caught it in the very early stages.  Lucky for us.

We’re sitting here watching Top Gear, which is as close as I come to being a car kind of person.  Let’s be honest, I picked my car based on the cute boxy style, amazing alien green color, the light up speakers, gas mileage, and the whole pretty good for the environment thrown in there.  I’ve been watching while blogging, playing Words with Friends and texting.  Can you say ADD?  I’m pretty good at the whole multi-tasking thing.

What is Ronnie doing you ask?  He’s sitting on the couch next to me, watching Top Gear, and sewing a unicorns tail back on.  Seems Paige has been swinging Steve the Unicorn Pillow Pet around by his tail and it came off today.  She was laughed at today in school.  Daddy made a quick trip to the fabric store and picked up some thick pink thread.  Steve’s tail will be happily back in place soon.  I’m thinking of changing Steve’s name to Eeyore. There will be no more swinging Steve by the tail.  Now to keep reminding her she can’t grab and swing him by the horn either.

Hopefully some of you are a bit more exciting that we are.  We have better plans for the weekend, of course.  But mid week?  We’re tired and don’t do much more than veg on the couch.


My quilt updated January 17, 2011

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Sunday night we moved the living room furniture to the edges, vacuumed real good, and pulled out all of the squares, and laid them all out.  Paige helped Ronnie lay out everything to get just the right look to the quilt.  Once it was all done, we played with it some to even things out.  We didn’t want all of the Batman pieces so close to each other that it could almost be reassembled.  Here’s what the top piece should look like.

Here’s an overall picture.

One square is a shirt that I had, one is a flannel shirt of my dad.  Here’s a closer picture with a few notes on it for you.

Some of these shirts I’ve had for years and years.  The quilt contains a band t-shirt from my senior year as well as the t-shirt my uncle gave me when I graduated.  He had it airbrushed with my name and my graduation year.  There’s some new stuff in there as well.  There are some as recent as Paige’s crib sheet, Jazz Fest a couple of years ago, and the Super Friends shirt I was wearing as recently as two weeks ago.  I won’t tell you how recently I was wearing the flannel shirts either.

Monday, while I was at work, Ronnie put together a third of the quilt.  I’ll post more pictures as he makes more progress.


Work Trip January 10, 2011

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Wednesday I got an email from Ronnie “Call me.”  So I call him thinking this type of email is never good.  The company he works for is having a crisis in Dallas and they want him to come out and help with it.  He needs to know from me if he can go, or if there’s something going on here to stop him from going.  My first thought is about picking Paige up from after care in the afternoons.  I drop her off at before care when I leave in the mornings.  But with me working so far away from home, there’s no way I can get her before they close at 6 pm.  And I really hate leaving her in there that long, even if it’s only for a week.  Once we get moved she’ll spend a lot less time in before and after care.  I ask him to call Aunt Wii to see if she can help out with picking her up.  If Aunt Wii can do it at least three days, I’ll see about changing my time for the other two days to leave work early.  Aunt Wii is able to do it all five days, so I give him the go.

Ronnie pulled out Sunday morning.  He’ll be back Saturday, so it’s a full week without him.  Trying to juggle Paige, work and a 2 1/2 hour commute each day is going to be a challenge.  By the time he gets back I’m going to be ready for a pedicure and some alone me time I’m sure.  Paige and I spent a great lazy day on Sunday, not getting out of jammies all day.  It was wonderful!  We watched movies, played countless games of Go Fish, snacked, read and just relaxed.  Of course, the usual issues still occurred when I announced it was shower time.  That’s when the usual bedtime “I don’t wanna’s” start.  Oh well.  If that’s our only issue, I’m sure we’ll have a good week.


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