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Our New Normal August 30, 2013

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Things have changed quite a bit around here.  I’ve taken a job back in the office I started in.  I’m still with the same company, but instead of an hour commute each way I have a 10 minute commute.  That worked out perfectly since Ronnie also took a promotion.  His promotion has taken him further away from home.  


Ronnie now travels.  A lot.  He will be away for the majority of football season.  His new job is twofold.  First, during football season he is in charge of the alumni skyboxes at a major university.  It’s an SEC school and all alumni boxes get catered food at the football games.  He is the one who oversees all of the food.  Once football season is over he will be traveling, but not as much.  He will travel as a corporate trainer for the company he works for.  He has stayed with the same company just taken a promotion with them.  They’re a good company and he really likes it there.


This is definitely something new for us.  We’ve never had him away from home this often.  We Skype frequently to help with missing each other.  Paige asks most nights to Skype with Daddy.  She’s adjusting to this pretty well.  The biggest change for me is now I’m doing the single parent gig.


I’ve always had Ronnie here to help me out.  In fact, he’s done the majority of activities with Paige.  His work hours had him off at 2:30 every afternoon.  He could get Paige and get her to Girl Scouts, soccer, swim lessons, all that good stuff.  While my job is willing to work with me on activities, it’s still not always possible to leave at 3:45 on a Tuesday to get to Girl Scouts.  As a result, I’ve joined with a friend to start our own troop. I’m still doing soccer and swim lessons, but at least one thing is easier to mold into my schedule.


So, stick around and watch me lose my mind a little at a time!


Routines September 13, 2012

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I’ve been trying to get us into a new “normal” routine since I took a job back in town. It’s been hard to do that because our weeks have been anything but normal. Last week Ronnie went out of town on a business trip. Instead of being able to come straight home I had to go down one of the busiest streets in town to pick Paige up from daycare. By the time I did that and got home, it was getting late and we still had to make dinner and homework.

This week got a bit better. Ronnie’s back and we started to get into our new routine. Until we had an unexpected soccer coach meeting last night. That threw us off on our usual. It also made me realize I don’t know why I’m trying to get us to normal when it’s all going to change next week anyway.

Soccer season starts Monday. Monday and Wednesday nights we’ll have practice until 6. Soccer games will be on Saturday mornings. Then there’s Girl Scouts on Tuesday. Ronnie has Masons every other Thursday. Friday nights seem to be our night at home to relax. More likely they’ll be used to get ready for Saturday morning. I’ll be juggling soccer games with Girl Scout commitments.

Things are going to be busy until mid- November for us. We have some great things coming up with Girl Scouts especially. We will get to travel to Mobile for a camp out on the USS Alabama even! Paige and I are very excited about that.


Build and Grow September 11, 2012

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Lately our Girl Scout troop has been going to Lowe’s Build and Grow events. These are fun and free, which is a complete bonus! You will need to register your child for the events. Lowe’s website makes everything easy. Click on the link and search for your city. I changed mine to Hawaii for this post. Once you find your local Lowe’s, click on register, and fill in the info.

Once you get there the kids will get an apron, and safety goggles. They have small hammers made for the kids to use. After you build the project kids are presented with a certificate and a patch for Scout uniforms. If you aren’t a scout, you can do what you want with it.

We have a nice little collection of wooden toys. Paige enjoys building them and getting to take it home. She proudly shows off what she’s made to everyone who’ll stand still for 30 seconds and look.


First day of school August 16, 2011

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Monday Paige started school.  She was so excited to go to kindergarten finally and be at big girl school.  She had her uniform all picked out and ready to go so she would look her prettiest.  We went last week to meet her teacher and get acquainted with her classroom.  Her teacher, Ms W, is wonderful!  She’s been teaching school for 20 years; mostly kindergarten and first grade.  Ms W told us she missed most of last year due to an illness which has given her a new outlook.  Ms W was beyond excited to get back the grade she wanted.  Her illness? Colon cancer.  I don’t think we could have asked for a better teacher.  Before I go much further, I’ll appease the family and post a few pics.

Here’s a few stats for the first day of school.

The required first day sign.

Family picture.

Daddy walking her to class.

Yes, the backpack is almost as big as she is.  It’s mostly empty though, there’s only a lunchbox in there and the red go home folder.


Paige is going to learn a lot this year.  There’s the usual reading, math, listening that she will learn.  But there’s also tolerance and patience.  As much as we are free thinking parents, Paige has not been exposed to special needs kids.  Not that we’ve been trying to avoid anyone or keep her sheltered, only that there’s none in our daycare and we don’t know anyone with a special needs child.  Her class has a special needs child in it.  The little girl has an assistant who sits in the class with her to help out as needed.  Paige has already mentioned a couple of times that the girl doesn’t sit down, has special scissors, and a lady to help her stay in her chair.  We’re trying to teach Paige how to be friends with her and everyone else in class.

The first day of school was declared a success, with Paige wanting to go back.  If she keeps this attitude up, the school year could be decent.


Fire Extinguisher Check August 13, 2011

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Have you checked you fire extinguisher lately? Do you have one? By the time you reach the end of this post you should be checking yours. Friday afternoon I got a call from Ronnie that started out with the good news: the house didn’t burn down. He’s usually follows that up with the bad news of he has to work on the weekend or something else rather mundane. Not this time. The bad news was the house did catch on fire.

After my heart restarted I shut down my computer and left the office immediately. I calmed down enough to ask questions on my way home. We had a lightning storm and a pine tree by the house was struck. It then arced over to the turbine on the roof and ignited the insulation and ductwork in the attic. Luckily Ryan and Jeff were home and immediately grabbed for a fire extinguisher. Of the 4 in the house the only one they could find in a hurry was the only one that was empty. They improvised with a towel, throw blanket, and a mop bucket full of water. All of this while calling 911. Jeff was able to get the fire out before the fire department got here. They came in and checked it out, then declared the boys did a good job.

We were very lucky. Most attic fires result in the house going up in flames. We had some minor damage to the house: ductwork and insulation needs to be replaced. Three computers are fried. AT&T had to come out today and replace all of their stuff as it was toasted as well. The Wii didn’t survive either. There’s also a water leak in the kitchen now as the fire was over that area of the house. The water damage could be from the putting out of the fire, or we could have roof damage we haven’t checked yet.

It’s all just stuff and we can replace it. Pictures can’t be replaced. I’ll be making a copy of my external hard drive of pictures and taking the backup to work so I know they’ll be safe. Something that a friend mentioned to Wendy after this was he has a fire detector in his attic just for this reason. Once all the repairs are done in the attic a fire detector will be added. If we put it over the living room we should be able to hear it all over the house. Now, go check your fire extinguisher to make sure it’s not empty and that everyone knows where it is.


“The Bestest Best Day Ever!” July 20, 2011

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Paige may not use the best grammer to describe her Tuesday, but I think it gets the point across.  Tuesday started as only the best day ever, but got even better by the end of the day.  It started with Ronnie and me taking off Tuesday to go on a field trip with Paige.  She’s been asking and asking since the beginning of summer for us to go on one with her.  I was saving it more for the end of summer to see how she would do.  Paige had some behavior issues on the first couple of field trips and her ability to continue going on them was severely jeopardized.  She settled down into things and has been on every field trip this summer.

I also picked today because it looked fun.  Well, as much fun as going on a field trip with 15 assorted 5 year olds can look anyway.  This one was to a painting party place.  Don’t have them in your area?  You’re missing out.  This session was geared towards kids of course, but we’re thinking of going back later after we get a sitter.  The place sketches out your requested picture, in this case a turtle for Paige & Mommy and a monkey for Daddy.  They do have more complicated pictures for adults.  The artist on duty walks you through painting your masterpiece.  When it’s adult time, you can bring your own beverages (alcoholic or not, it’s up to you) and some appetizers and spend a couple of hours hanging out with friends and having fun.  They even do birthday parties as well.

After the field trip we sent Paige back to daycare to get some errands accomplished in peace.  I don’t know a 5 year old who likes to sit at the dealership through an oil change and tire rotation.  I don’t know an adult who likes it for that matter.  Paige didn’t know but we had one more surprise in store for her.  Carmike Cinemas has a promotion where movies during a certain time frame are $5 per person.  And since it’s Tuesday drinks were $1 each.  We went to see Cars 2 this afternoon.  Popcorn is also discounted, but since we have the popcorn bucket we’re good no matter what.  We loan it out to friends and family all year long.

As we picked Paige up from daycare and told her about her surprise her entire face lit up.  Ronnie asked if this was still the best day ever; she replied “Nope! It’s the bestest best day ever!”  I was also told I’m the best mommy in the entire world.  Sounds like we both had a good day.


Crafting Party July 5, 2011

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A crafting party may not sound like your idea of fun, but it’s most definitely mine, especially when it involves my favorite cousin, Stephi. We’ve talked about doing one of these for what seems like forever, but we could never get our schedules to match up. Stephi is a sheriff’s deputy and was doing shift work. Her shift work didn’t work well with my traditional Monday through Friday job. When you add in her first responder and fire department shifts, then her photography business and my activities it just got worse and worse. Now Stephi is on a regular schedule and we’re able to get together more. We finally managed to get some time together Saturday in order to craft.

Saturday morning I loaded up my car with scrapbook supplies and my crochet basket and headed over. I was given a curfew and had to be home in time for dinner, so our scrapbooking party didn’t last as long as I would have liked. Once we got in our groove it was just about time to pack up and drive home. I did get more crocheting done, but more importantly I got to show my progress to one of the two people who taught me.

Stephi moved around her living room furniture, put two folding tables up end to end, and we each took a table. We had pictures, paper and all kinds of supplies scattered all over her living room. We made a huge mess and enjoyed every second of it. As we scrapbooked we had other family members drop in. Stephi doesn’t have much choice in her neighbors- they’re all aunts, uncles and cousins. (You could call that the advantage or disadvantage of your family owning 40 acres all attached to each other in 10 acre increments.) We scrapbooked, crocheted, and chatted with my Mom, a couple of cousins and an aunt.

It definitely wasn’t a bad way to spend a day. We enjoyed it so much that we’re going to try to get together like that every other month. We’re trying to be realistic with all of the other commitments that she and I have. It’s not easy to get together as often as we would like. We’re hoping to increase our participants as well. Our almost cousin Amber likes to scrapbook so we’re trying to arrange it with her work schedule as well. The more people we add in, the harder it gets, but the more fun it gets as well.


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