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WOW October 3, 2011

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I can’t begin to say how wonderful this past weekend was. I’ve been friends with these ladies since we were pregnant with our now 5 year olds. So for the past 6 years we’ve known each other online. a couple of them I had already met in person. That tends to happen when you meet online and realize I live 2 miles from your parents. I had met 3 of the 5 other women going. I had technically never met Caroline in person. But I had talked to her on the phone, texted, emailed, even sent care packages. I gelt I knew her pretty well going into the trip. One of the other ladies hadn’t really had tons of contact with, but was excited to get to meet as well.

We all arrived on Friday afternoon. There wasn’t any awkwardness it was just 6 women chatting and heading out to dinner. We spent the weekend talking, shopping, and eating among other things. Books were read. Blankets were partially crocheted. Beaches were walked upon.

Getting to spend the weekend with my Internet friends was wonderful. It was so much fun we’re doing it next year in New Orleans. This time we decided to let our husbands come too. That may have something to do with my husband cooking for us but I’m not sure.

I went back to work today with Vacation Hangover. Now on to the next vacation. For Thanksgiving me, Ronnie and Paige are going to DC to meet up with others from that same Mommy board.


Imaginary Becomes Real March 16, 2011

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I posted a few months ago about my imaginary friend.  I have some others that would be considered imaginary friends as well.  I’ve never meet them in person, but we’re friends via internet, email and text message.  Now that I can spill the beans publicly, here it is.  I’m about to meet another one!  Let’s see who I’ve met so far.  Well, the first was C Beth.  Then I met Jess, sorry no blog to link to.

I was able to meet Sandy, Linda and Erin.   My to meet list still includes Feli (no blog), Caroline (she had a cool blog, but had to give it up), Loralyn (sorry, no updated blog to post) and a few others.  Looks like my to meet list is getting smaller!  Loralyn is taking a vacation close to where I live.  I’ll get to meet her in June.  That’s going to be great!  Closer at hand, Jess will be here in a couple of weeks.  We already have a gumbo dinner planned.

Finally, the big one.  A girls only weekend trip.  It’s not until the end of September, so it’s a ways off.  But, I’ll get to see Jess, Sandy and Erin again.  And this time, I get to meet Caroline!  We’ve managed to plan a weekend getaway to meet our imaginary friends.  Not an easy task when you have to consider 4 states, 5 women, and 18 kids.  Yes, you read that right, 18 kids among the 5 of us.  I’m hoping a few others can join us.  We’ll have to see.  Either way, this is going to be a great trip.


She’s 5 January 24, 2011

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**Sniff, Sniff**  My baby girl turned five yesterday.  I still can’t believe she’s that old.  We celebrated the day with a Princess Makeover Party.  We planned for 14 girls, including the birthday girl and 10 showed up.  Not a bad turn out, especially when you consider all the work we needed to do with the makeovers. The party was definitely a huge success.  I even heard one Mom comment on how I do really good goody bags.  They may have been a bit over the top, but it also included the tiara, wand and lipgloss for each girl.  I didn’t want them sharing lipglosses and passing on any sickness they may have been incubating.  Here’s Paige’s cousin Kelsey getting her hair done.

Paige picked out her cake all by herself.  It had princesses on it, what a surprise!  Sleeping Beauty even lit up.

The girls all sitting on our bed getting ready for the fashion show.

Are we brave or stupid? I vote for extremely lucky.  I have two words for you:  Pinata.  Inside.  Look at that stance!  Think she can be the first girl to play for the Red Sox?  A Mommy can dream.

Probably the coolest present of the day: Stephi (another cousin) made her a board game based on Beauty and the Beast.  It has pictures from one of the books, as well as spaces with “to do” things based on the movie itself.  Things like “Have tea with Mrs Potts, skip a turn.”  Paige loves it.  We’re going to shellac it so it lasts for a long time.

After all the girls left, it was just a few family members, including Kelsey.  Kelsey will be three in just a few weeks, and is the daughter of my cousin Cameron and his fiancee Brittany.  One of the reasons we are moving back home this summer is so Paige can grow up with her cousins like I did with mine.  And when you see them with each other, you can understand why.  Here’s my Serling Paige with her cousin Kelsey Paige.

One final picture just to show how much fun the girls do have together.  Once the above picture was snapped, they both started jumping, still holding hands.

All of the girls had an absolute blast.  I’m glad we were able to do such a fun party this year.  We’re toying with the idea of a goodbye tea party just before we move.  Paige has more than enough tea sets to have one.  That would be a smaller event though with just a few girls.


Football season? September 9, 2010

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I somehow managed to marry someone who likes football.  Not that Ronnie watches lots of football or anything.  When he does watch football he’s a Steelers fan.  Yes, my dear husband who grew up in New Orleans likes the Steelers.  Living where we do you can’t really get Steelers merchandise.  Your choice is pretty much limited to the Saints.  I have a friend, Caroline, who lives in Pennsylvania.  You can get everything Steelers up there. Ronnie wants to plan a trip to see her so he and her hubby can go to a game.

A month or so ago Caroline needed a piece of software I had.  I happily suggested she borrow it and shipped it off. To make the package a little nicer I included a new batch of Ronnie’s spice that she likes, some season salt that’s amazing on popcorn, and a banner talking about how much we love Caroline.  She sent it back with some additional stuff for Ronnie.

He got a Steelers apron.

Paige got new Silly Bandz.

They got a pink Terrible Towel.

I’m not sure who was supposed to get the Terrible Towel.  It’s pink so Paige thinks it should be hers.  It’s Steelers, so Ronnie thinks it should be his.  We may have to send some money to Caroline for another one.  For now they’re sharing it nicely; mostly because Paige doesn’t realize when Daddy has it I think.  They are both completely outfitted for football season if they never watch a game.


Reunions March 19, 2010

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The past few weeks have seen several reunions for us.  First, I’m not sure it counts as a reunion if you have never meet in person, but I did meet several ladies from my Mommy board.  The circumstances, the death of a 21 month old child, were horrible.  The chance to meet in person MinneMom, Sandy and Erin was great.  Seeing Jessica again was nice, if heartbreaking.  I consider it to be my reunion of friends I hadn’t meet in person.

Last weekend we were over in the town where Ronnie & I grew up.  We stopped by a grocery store to pick up a few things to go with our dinner.  As we were looking in produce we ran into Jason.  We hadn’t seen Jason since 1992 I think it was.  I had found him several years ago, then both of us kinda dropped off.  We reconnected on Facebook a few months ago.  He was back in our hometown, and Ronnie & I are 45 minutes away. We talked about getting our families together when things calmed down work wise for all of us.  We didn’t get to meet his wife and kids, but at least we got to see Jason.  I always laugh at those people in Walmart having the reunions and blocking the aisles.  Suddenly I was one of them.  Only Rouses isn’t as busy and has larger aisles so we didn’t block anyone.

Tonight we spend our evening with Dana, Jim and their girls Emily and Sami.  You’ve read about my BFF Kim on here.  She and I were joined at the hip through junior high and high school.  Ronnie and Dana were the same way.  I haven’t seen Dana since 1991 when I graduated from high school.  It’s OK, I’ll wait while you do the math.  Got it figured out?  Good.  They live in Texas and aren’t really close enough for dropping by.  But, stopping back on the way home from a vacation in Florida, it was perfect.  Ronnie had last seen them about 8 years ago.  I had never met her husband Jim, and neither of us had met her girls.  Our three girls played so well together.  We all made homemade pizzas, played with Moon Sand, and caught up.  It was wonderful.  Then, before they left, we got a group picture of the girls in their pajamas.
It was so wonderful to see our kids playing together.  Especially since we didn’t know if this day would happen.  See that cute little hear no evil on the left?  That 6 year old is tougher than a lot of adults I know.  She’s already beaten cancer.
Our reunions weren’t really planned.  They just sort of happened.  Some were bitter sweet, and others, like our 3 little monkeys, were just what I needed.

Heartbroken March 4, 2010

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When I was pregnant with Paige I joined an online Mommy Board.  I become friends with some of the women on there.  I don’t just mean internet friends I’ve never actually met in person either.  Some of these ladies have been to my home.  I’ve met up with others on road trips.  I’ve actually met Beth from C. Beth Blog.  I’ve never actually met Caroline from Cheaper By the Half Dozen, but I do still miss her blog, and catch up with her regularly on Facebook and email.  Jonah Lisa from The Toby Show?  I would love to meet her in person one day.  One of the women I met in person was Jessica.  After we started to get to know each other online, I found out she’s from the town where I live.  She came home to visit with her husband and 4 kids, and we got to meet in person.

I woke up Sunday morning and checked my Facebook.  Jessica’s youngest daughter, Ava, only 21 months old was being flown to a large medical center.  She had a bad seizure late Saturday night and the larger hospital was better equipped to handle her case.  I’ve been closely watching for updates, hoping things would improve.  I was happy when the test for meningitis came back negative.  Ava woke up, said Mommy, and drank some juice.  There were lots of happy posts then.  But as I’m sure you’ve realized from the title, things went downhill.  And fast.  Yesterday, Jessica’s birthday, Ava was diagnosed with encephalitis.  Unfortunately, Ava just couldn’t improve.  She passed away today.  I can’t even begin to imagine what Jessica and her family are going through.  This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go.  The child buries the parent.  It’s a horrible fact of life, but it’s the natural order.  To lose your child must be the worst thing you could go through as a parent.

Ava’s funeral will be here in a few days.  We don’t have any more information than that.  Some of the Mom’s from the board are coming into town for it.  While it will be nice to finally meet these ladies in person, I wish it was under different circumstances.


Halloween Party October 7, 2009

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Halloween is Ronnie’s favorite holiday. We’ve been waiting for it to fall on a Saturday. We’ve been planning our party for a couple of months now. No, it’s not a party for adults, it’s one for kids. Our age range is 2-8. Trying to find games and acitivities for all of these kids has been a challenge. Now that I’ve got some good ones lined up, I thought I would share. Hopefully this post is early enough in the month for you to plan a party of your own.

First, our party time is 2-4:30. This gives us the best part of the day to have fun. Many of our friends have set plans for trick or treating each year. They will have plenty of time to play at the party, then go home, get dressed, and still get to their normal plans on time. Our party is candy free. The kids will get more than enough candy that night, so they don’t need more. We won’t be doing prizes for each game. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. Instead, we will be giving out goody bags at the end.

Our games include:
1. Pin the heart on the skeleton. I got a 3 foot neon green skeleton and have cut out a black heart from foam. I’m cutting out red hearts from construction paper. Each child will have their own heart to put on the skeleton.

2. Scavenger hunt. We live in a cul de sac of older neighbors and some, well, aren’t so neighborly. Even dividing the kids into teams with an adult, I’m not comfortable with them bugging the neighbors. Instead I have inflatable decorations and yard sticks. Each one will have a number on the back. The list will be pictures. The kids will pull a number off the back of each item they find. Less to carry and it’s all in our own yard.

3. Bite the bat. This replaces bobbing for apples. Too many parents are freaked out by swine flu and germs to do that. Each child will have their own bat cookie with their name on it. We hang them from strings just above the childs head. They place their hands behind their backs and eat the cookie.

4. Handprint bat. I have purple and black foam for this one. I’ll use the purple to make bat faces with googly eyes and a mouth. The black foam will be used for each child to have their hand prints cut out and used for bat wings. Glue the wings to the pre-made face and you have a bat to take home.

Goody bags will have Halloween themed items inside. Also, I have little extras here and there from Paige’s birthday parties and goody bags for school. I’ll be getting rid of some of these by using them in the goody bags. Kids won’t be opening them until after they leave, so they won’t know if the one they have is exactly like the next one.

Refreshments will be light snacks: pizza rolls, mini egg rolls, chips, dip, and drinks. There will be some guests staying late to trick or treat with us. We’ll have a quick dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs since we’ll mostly be full from the rest of the party. Two blocks over from our house, still in our neighborhood, starts the best trick or treating in the city I think. Block parties, themed houses and tons and tons of candy.


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