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Goodbye, Beautiful… February 21, 2011

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After 4 iPods, 1 MacBook Pro, and 2 iPhones, I’ve finally had a problem with an Apple product.  I can’t believe it either.  Yes, we’ve had 4 iPods,but that’s no Apple’s fault.  My first iPod was good, but not large enough, so I bought a larger capacity and sold my first on ebay to pay for the new one.  Ronnie’s first iPod was still going strong until it landed in a liter of water during our car accident back in August.  Both of us are still using our second iPods.  I bought my MacBook Pro about 4 years ago.  After 1 battery and an operating system upgrade it’s still going strong.  My first iPhone?  Still works, just doesn’t go as fast as I would like.  Good thing too, since I’ll be going back to it.

Sunday afternoon my phone rang.  Aunt Wii wanted me to look something up for her online while she was out shopping.  Too bad I couldn’t hear a word she was saying.  Nothing.  So we texted, which is my main form of communication anyway.  If it wasn’t for my Mom, I wouldn’t use very many minutes a month since I text everyone else.  (Now if Felicita out in LA breaks a finger or something, my text usage will drop by at least half.  Not even her 6 week hospitalization and birth of twins could stop us!)  Wondering if it was her phone or mine, I grabbed my work cell and called myself.  Using the very scientific method of speaking into one phone and listening on the other, I realized it was my beautiful iPhone that had a problem.

After a quick trip to the AT&T store, I realized I had to speak with Apple Tech Support.  They had me connect to iTunes and back up my phone, which I had already done before going to AT&T, and do a restore to factory settings.  The thought process being that it was a software issue that could be corrected that way.  Once the factory restore was done, I restored all of my backed up data, and tried my phone.  Still nothing.  I can hear from the speaker, but not from the handset itself.  One more not so quick call to Apple Tech Support got me set up for an exchange.

Apple is sending me a brand new iPhone 4, and I’m sending my old one back.  I’ll be without my pretty phone until Thursday most likely.   It really depends on if UPS is open or closed for President’s Day.  They have made this super easy too.  I take the SIM card from my old iPhone and pop it into the new one.  I can then restore the old phone to exactly how the new one is set up.  I was given a claim number that I can take to the UPS store.  Give them the claim number and they’ll package my iPhone 4 and return it overnight to Apple.  Once Apple gets it they’ll have a new phone sent out to me within 24 hours.  Really, not bad at all.

I spoke to a total of 3 people at Apple, 1 on each phone call, and all 3 were very nice and helpful.  Each person tried to offer me the extended warranty package, but I’ve turned it down.  I’ve never had a problem with any of my Apple products.  My old iPhone even survived hitting the window at 75 MPH during the accident and still worked wonderfully.  I didn’t have any kind of cover on it either.  I’ll consider the extended warranty on the new phone after I get it.


Hello, Beautiful February 8, 2011

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I have been lusting after you since June 7, 2010. I’ve admired your sleek lines, your super cool-ness. I’ve pictured you sitting next to my computer. You would look so great. You know, the Apple on the back of my laptop, and the Apple on your back. I’ve had your older brother (father? grandfather?), but he’s getting old and slowing down. He wasn’t big enough to handle all of the things I wanted him to do. Now, you are mine.

I’ve wanted an iPhone 4 since I first saw the pictures. Even the leaked picture was enough to tempt me. Sadly, I wasn’t up for an upgrade when it came out. I wanted it, but it was out of my reach. Then, I could upgrade, but the price tag wasn’t working with my checking account at the time. Then, Monday $200 just fell into my lap. It did, in the shape of a little envelope and the words “3rd Quarter Square Winner” written on it. I had spent $5 to enter the office Superbowl Squares. My numbers were lucky, and I ended up winning $200 for the 3rd quarter. Not too bad. So I spent the money on something I’ve been wanting for a while.

Paige has already asked if she can have my old iPhone. I think 5 is still a bit young for her first iPhone though.


Epic Mickey December 31, 2010

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Ronnie gave me this Wii game for Christmas.  He knew I wanted it and went ahead and got it for me.  The game is epically addictive!  I didn’t get to play until a couple of days after I got it.  We were busy with family and I had to wait until Paige was in bed.  She loves to play video games and would have wanted to play, so I wouldn’t have gotten a turn.  Not that she’s great at most video games, and this one is definitely beyond her, but it’s the principle of the thing.  It’s my video game and I wanted to actually play it.

It’s probably a good thing I waited, or nothing would have gotten done around here.  The first time I played it was for about 45 minutes.  I wanted to stop before that, but I just couldn’t.  Then I didn’t get a chance to play again until Thursday night.  Over an hour and a half later, and I finally just had to stop.  That may not sound like a lot to you.  I could sit in front of a computer for hours playing video games.  Playing Wii is different.  First, you can’t play sitting down.  You have to be up, on your feet, moving the entire time.  It’s not an aerobic workout, but it’s more strenuous that sitting on your butt in front of your MacBook.  Add in the arm waving, and jumping and it gets tiring.  No, you don’t actually have to jump to get the game to work, I just seem to do a little leaning, moving and hopping as Mickey does the same thing on the screen.  I think it helps, so let me have my delusions, please.


Space Museum September 1, 2010

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There’s plenty of things to see at the space museum other than Star Wars stuff.  Being the good Geeks that we are, we were looking forward to this part of the museum as well.  They had 2 great areas for kids.  The first was a climbing wall.

She only got about half way up the wall.  Creative photography.

There’s an outdoor section called “Energy Depletion Zone” which was just what we needed.  They had a mini Space Shot where the kids were pulled up about 20 – 25 feet and released in a controlled drop.

Paige rode it 5 times.  By the last time she was laughing at the other kids who were screaming.

The Pathfinder was used by NASA to see if the shuttle would fit through all the areas required.  It’s a hollow shell.

The Rocket Garden.

Mommy’s favorite helicopter: the Huey.  I flew on these a lot in Honduras.

Paige & Mommy walking away.

Paige liked the rockets.

She picked a shuttle key chain covered in bling as her souvenir.  She kept holding it up to the sun saying it could make our wishes come true.  All we had to do was pretend we were flying in it and make a wish.


Star Wars Experience August 31, 2010

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It.  Was.  Wonderful!!!!!!  Before I wrecked the car coming home we had a blast.  We got there early Saturday morning prepared to spend the day immersed in the world of George Lucas.  We had definite things we wanted to see.  I’ve always loved Yoda, so I couldn’t wait to see him.  Ronnie thinks it’s better to be an Imperial, so he was looking forward to seeing Vader’s head.  I wore my tshirt that says “Come to the dark side, we have cookies… – V”  Ronnie bought it in an attempt to lure me from the Rebel Alliance.  Still hasn’t worked.  I got a lot of compliments on it, and referred a lot of people to the website, Think Geek.  Let me just warn you now, this will be total, complete picture overload.  And it’s super Geeky.

One of the great things about being in a place full of Geeks is the Geeks.  Everyone was super nice.  Lots of people offered to take pictures of the 3 of us.  There wasn’t pushing and shoving.  If you were taking a picture, people stopped to let you finish before walking. I heard one guy yelling at another about being childish and immature.  The guy yelling his wife was right there telling him that he was being childish and immature and to walk away.  That was it. And that was over very fast.  Geeks are super nice to other Geeks.

Everything at the exhibit was either a prop used in the films, a costume from the films, or a model they used in making the films.  It was just so amazing to see all that stuff in one place.  No flash photography was allowed, and they had this funky blue lighting thing going on.  The pictures have a weird coloring to them, but it’s OK.  I’m just happy we were there.

We followed C-3P0’s foot steps.

The sign.

The Millenium Falcon.

X Wing anyone?

I liked the wampa.

Luke’s Landspeeder!!!!  Let me just say, the wheels underneath it made me sad.

I always liked R2.

Luke’s hand.

Vader’s head, in sections.

Ronnie & Paige with Vader.

Full Sandpeople mask.

The 3 of us with Han & Chewie.

And here it is.  Me and Yoda.

We had an absolute blast.  We spent a full 2 hours in there looking at everything 2 or 3 times at least.  I kept going back to Yoda and the landspeeder.  Ronnie kept going back to see Vader.  There was more to see and do in the rest of the museum.  I’ll share more of that tomorrow.


Buzz & Woody: Secret Accountants August 19, 2010

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Did you know Buzz and Woody are secretly accountants?  They are.  Paige wanted to bring Buzz and Woody with her in the van Wednesday morning, but can’t take them into school.  She was afraid they would sit in my van all day getting hot and being lonely without anyone else to play with. I had to promise to bring them in to work with me.  And she wanted Ms Kristi at work to get to play with them too.  So here we have Buzz and Woody’s day of being accountants.

Helping answer the phones.

Woody went to spend the day with Kristi.

Buzz tried to use the adding machine with his bum.  Didn’t work very well.

Buzz tried to take my Starbucks away.  He didn’t win that fight.

Buzz decided to pick on Darth Tater who he found lurking on Joel’s desk.  

Buzz won that fight.  Darth kept hitting himself in the head with his lightsaber.  Next Buzz went to play office manager.

Then since the partner was out of the office, he decided to see how well his bum fit into her chair.

Buzz finally settled into work at my desk.  He did take over my iPod though.

After a tiring morning chasing Buzz around the office I went to get my lunch.  I may have found who’s been taking office lunches.

I guess he got thirsty.

When Buzz wouldn’t fit, he opted for a cup of coffee instead.

I’m not sure how much work they got done today.  But the office seemed to laugh a bit more and that definitely counts.


Starcraft 2 August 1, 2010

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Ronnie has been waiting for this game to come out for 10 years now.  It finally came out this past Tuesday.  He waited until Thursday to actually buy it. I was rather proud of him for waiting that long.  I expected him to run out on Tuesday and get it.  A new video game out means he spends a lot of time on the computer.  I’m not complaining about it.  There are very few games out there that suck him in to that degree.  Most games he can play a few times then stop when ever.

Since becoming parents our video game time has greatly decreased.  I think this is the first game since Paige was born that he’s had to have and plays a lot.  One game in four and a half years isn’t bad.   A lot of my friends have husbands who play video games like that all the time.  Right now Paige is napping, I’ve been reading and playing on my computer.  Ronnie is playing Starcraft 2.  After Paige gets up from her nap there’s cookie baking, a get well card to make for my friend Feli, and a trip to the grocery store.  There won’t be time for video games.  He’s said he won’t play very much so that he can spend time with us.  I say he should go for it. He doesn’t get to do that often.  And it’s not like I’m starving for attention.  I’m perfectly content to sit with a good book or play on my computer while he does something he enjoys.  Besides, at the rate their going, Starcraft 3 will come out when Paige is a teenager.


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