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Disney Picture Overload December 27, 2010

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We spent 3 1/2 days in Disney World.  Honestly, I could have stayed longer.  Our trip in September was just one day.  And it was perfect.  Crowds were almost nonexistent, and Paige had a wonderful time there.  I was a bit worried that a longer trip would be too much and I would turn into one of those parents.  The kind that doesn’t bother removing the hands covering their head as they yell at the kids.  There’s only so much stress one parent can take.  I’m happy to report I wasn’t one of those. We did have to have a chat one evening.  I took Paige into the bathroom of the Chef Mickey dinner and talked to her about her behavior.  On the way back I apologized to another Mom for having to overhear our chat.  She said she applauded me for doing it in a quiet place and  she wishes more parents would do the same.  She had about had her fill of the parents who were just yelling at their kids and not really doing anything about the kids bad behavior.

There was lots of fun at character meals.  We had lunch with Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and Special Agent Oso.  There was a breakfast with the Princesses (Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Belle and Jasmine).  And my favorite, dinner with Chef Mickey (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy).  The food was really good and we had a blast singing and dancing with the characters.  I think my favorite part of the trip was Extra Magic Hours in the Magic Kingdom.  Those are hours where the park is open only to guests of the Disney hotels.  One day the park was fine in the morning, but by just after lunch it was so crowded we could hardly move.  All three of us were miserable.  After speaking to a cast member, we took his advice and went back to the hotel for a nap.  We got back to the park just in time for the Electric Light Parade followed by the fireworks.  At that point, most of the people left the park.  Over the next two hours we managed to ride: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Aladdin’s Carpets, Tea Cups, Winnie the Pooh and It’s a Small World.  We also had pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald.  The lines were almost completely gone.  In order to get on a ride you had to show your room key.  In those two hours we rode the rides that Paige wanted to ride and had an absolute blast.  It was cold and late, but we had fun.  And now for the picture overload.

Chasing Storm Troopers around Endor.

Visiting Wurzburg where I lived in Germany.

I really do love Coke.

Paige said good morning and good night to Ariel every day.

The Beast was very nice.

Goofy around 1:45 AM

Tea Cups around 1:30

The Castle at 2 AM and about 30 degrees.  I loved my hat that night.

The castle was beautiful.

And finally, Belle meet Belle.


Antiques Roadshow July 25, 2010

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Yesterday I went to Antiques Roadshow with my Mom. It’s something she’s wanted to do since she first saw the TV show. Back in January or early February a friend posted on Facebook that they were coming to the MS Gulf Coast Coliseum. That’s close to where my family still lives, so I entered for tickets. They do not sell tickets, instead giving them away in a lottery style drawing based on your email address. We won tickets in March and have been waiting ever since for the event. We drew a ticket time of 2 PM. We could enter up to 30 minutes early.

A few friends said I would be waiting in line forever.  Honestly, that didn’t happen.  Well, it did, but it wasn’t all that bad.  You see, the lines actually moved.  We received a list of do’s and don’ts  when we got our tickets.  We could each bring 2 items to be appraised.  We could bring folding chairs to sit on.  We could bring a cart of some sort to carry our items.  We would be responsible for carrying our items ourselves.  No member of the production could carry our items for us.  We couldn’t use any camera within the appraisal area.  We couldn’t have cell phones turned on in the appraisal area.  Those were probably the biggest ones.  Mom got us a small rolling cart to put our items into.  We loaded it with our antiques, 2 bottles of water, and our folding chairs.  We got to the coliseum around 1:30 and immediately got in line.  We were done and out of the coliseum at 4 PM.  Just 2 1/2 hours to go through the entire process.

We got into the appraisal area and got first into the Asian Arts line.  We had brought a music jewelry box my Dad bought in Japan.  He bought it when he was in Japan serving in McArthur’s Honor Guard in early 1951.  The music box still plays, but the lid needs to be fixed, it’s come off the bottom of the box.  This one didn’t have much value.  It was mass produced in Japan during this time period for the Americans to purchase.

Next we went to the musical instruments line.  Here we had 2 violins appraised.  The first belonged to my Dad’s Grandfather.  It was purchased around 1900 in Montana.  They didn’t have a lot of money at that time and the violin wasn’t the best quality.  It was not worth anything.  The second violin belonged to my Dad’s Aunt.  It was purchased around World War 1.  This was worth several hundred dollars.  But the best news about this was that the violin is in perfect shape, especially considering the age.  We were told if we have someone who would like to play the violin, we can have it restrung, buy a new bow, and start using it.  Who knows, Paige may decide to play the violin.

Finally we went to watches and clocks. Here we had what we thought was a wedding set of watches belonging to my Dad’s grandparents.  They were married in 1902.  The mans watch was made in 1914, so it wasn’t his wedding gift.  It’s in perfect shape, still works, and has never had any work done to repair it, making it more valuable.  It was also worth several hundred dollars.  The woman’s watch was made in 1902, meaning it could very well have been her wedding gift as we were told.  It was valued at a couple hundred dollars.

We didn’t find anything to make us rush to an auction house and retire early.  However, it didn’t really matter to us.  Mom and I got to spend an afternoon together doing something she has always wanted to do.  It was great for us.  How many times in our life do we actually get to do something we’ve wanted to do for 15 years or so?  We still have our antiques that may not be worth lots of money, but they have sentimental value.  They can’t put a price on that.


Decisions, Decisions July 23, 2010

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I still haven’t made a decision on the blog move yet.  I really like the app.  Now to research how easy it will be to migrate over to a new place.  No, tonight’s decision is what to take to Antique’s Road Show tomorrow.  They will be at the Biloxi, MS coliseum taping for early next year air date.

My family still lives along the Gulf Coast, and my Mom has always wanted to go on the show.  A friend from high school posted months and months ago that it was coming to the Coast and how to apply for tickets.  I think I applied for tickets in January or February, and winners were chosen in March.  The show uses a lottery system.  You apply for the event you would like to attend, and if your email address is chosen, you receive 2 free tickets.  Mom and I were lucky enough to get tickets.

Our ticket time is 2 pm, and we can arrive up to thirty minutes early.  We plan on arriving around 1:30 or so.  We can each bring 2 items with us.  Mom is bringing 2 violins that have been in my Dad’s family for ever, or so it seems.  We’ve also picked a pair of pocket watches that were wedding gifts to my Dad’s parents.  That leaves one more item we can take.

We had decided to take a set of dishes.  Ronnie’s grandmother has been saving this set of dishes for him.  Every time she goes to give them to him, she changes her mind.  They are fragile and something could happen to them.  We’ve heard different stories about these dishes.  Our favorite is that Maw Maw’s aunt brought them over on the boat from Sicily, and that she had hand painted them.  Sorry, Google search reveals they were made in Japan and sold in mass production.  Turns out the dishes were wedding china for Maw Maw’s sister.  We think they were bought at Sears.  Either way, the dishes are still, well, ugly.  We’ve decided not to take them tomorrow, but as a consolation prize we will bring them out and use the ugly dishes for Thanksgiving.  It’s never a traditional meal in our house so maybe they’ll be fortunate enough to be used for a taco dinner or maybe chicken wings.  The menu is still undecided.

I called Mom and told her what we decided. Now she’s trying to figure out what else she would like to take.  There’s a couple of other contenders:  a music box my Dad bought in Japan in 1951 while he was there in the Navy as part of McArthur’s honor guard.  Or there’s my Great Grandmother’s ugly vase.  When she passed away no one in the family wanted it, they all said it was too ugly.  My Mom took it and found out it’s a Hull vase, whatever that means, and is a collectors item.   Mom gets to narrow it down and we’ll make a final decision tomorrow.  I don’t think my 3rd grade baton twirling uniform, or Ronnie’s dog head bong he made in high school would be interesting to take.


April, In Pictures April 24, 2010

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Things are settling back down to normal around here.  Tax season is over and we’re getting back into the routine of both Mommy & Daddy being around.  I do realize I haven’t posted many pictures lately, so here’s our April, in pictures.  Prepare for picture overload, and enjoy.

Paige in her Easter dress with Star the unicorn at the botanical gardens.

Paige and Daddy relaxing with books in the spring/ summer ready back yard.

The Easter Bunny was good to us.  To all of us.  First to Paige.

And also to Mommy, Daddy, and Grammy.  Mommy got the Kinder Egg, Daddy got a Perry, and Grammy got a selection of sugar free candies.  We all got bubbles.

Daycare had an Easter egg hunt and party.  We both took off work to make it and had a blast.
Easter Sunday was spent with Ronnie’s Dad and Step Mom at their crawfish boil.  The drive to New Orleans was completely worth it.
Paige decided she wanted to learn to boil for herself.
The weekend after Easter Paige needed a new bike.  14 inch?  Legs not fully extended. 16 inch?  Legs still not fully extended.  18 inch????!!!!????  Yep.

That weekend was also Girls Day with Grammy, Aunt Glennis and cousin Nicole.  We made a trip to Bellingrath Gardens to see the azaleas in bloom.  Paige got to meet Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia.  To be honest, I’m not sure what the lions name is supposed to be, but that’s what we’ve named him.

April 16th is my birthday.  We had a few friends over that Saturday.  Ronnie and Paige baked my cake, as usual.  This year I asked for a cake I had when I was a kid, R2-D2.  Same cake pan by the way.  It’s a 30 year old cake pan and used sparingly these days.

Paige and Daddy planted me some pretty flowers for my birthday since they’ll last longer than cut flowers.  They even planted my favorite- daisy’s.

Most recently, Tia Patti and Uncle Hal celebrated their 15th anniversary with an awesome party.  It was an 80’s theme, at the skating rink.  Paige started learning to skate.

I think that catches you up on our April so far.  We’ll close out the month with Relay for Life Friday night.

Grammy Sews December 6, 2009

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My mom makes great children’s clothes.  She goes to one craft show a year and spends time making the outfits all year long.  I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of Paige in some of the clothes on here.  All the smocked stuff Mom made.  I sat down today and started her an Etsy shop.  It’s a work in progress, so I hope you’ll be kind.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.


Tea Party April 1, 2009

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Saturday we went to visit Grammy & Grumpy. Paige loves her Grammy & Grumpy. She had been asking for them for a week or longer, so we went for a visit. Mom, aka Grammy, has a lot of little knick knacks around the living room. And of course, Paige loves to play with them.

This past visit Paige discovered the tea set. It’s a miniature resin tea set where everything is shaped like magnolias. At first she had a tea party with the teddy bears playing checkers. But they got boring, they didn’t talk back to her. Next, she invited Grammy for a tea party. Grammy had to teach Paige to stick out their pinkies when they drink tea. As Grammy said, all good Southern Belle’s stick out their pinky when drinking tea.

Paige and Grammy had a wonderful tea party while the rest of us watched. She did offer to share with Grumpy. I guess Mommy & Daddy just didn’t cut it Saturday.


Karma January 22, 2009

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Mom likes to tell the story of when we went to Disney World when I was 5. It seems that after dinner one night I was bad. Not a little bad, but really, really bad. We were at Pizza Hut having dinner with a family friend. As the story goes Mom was taking me to the bathroom for a “talk.” (Mom speak for a spanking.) The friend started making excuses for me. It had been a long day. I was tired. I was hot. I was over-excited. All good excuses. It didn’t work. Mom turned to her friend and said, “Do you want to be next?” He wisely shut his mouth.

Sunday night after we got back from New Orleans Paige was bad. Not just a little bad, but really, really bad. She was screaming in my ear, hitting, kicking, the works. We had tried to get her to calm down but it wasn’t working. She had already had a time out. A spanking was next on the punishment list. During the time out I called Mom to let her know we were home safe and sound. And then I told her how bad Paige was being, and that she was going to be getting a spanking soon. Mom started making excuses. She was tired. It had been a long weekend. Her routine was off. All good excuses. And all true. But it doesn’t excuse hitting, kicking & trying to burst my ear drums with her screams. I bit my tongue. What I wanted to say was, “Do you want to be next?” What I actually said was bye.

Another example of karma at work:

My favorite color is green. It’s always been green. When I was Paige’s age if the clothes weren’t green I wouldn’t get dressed. Mom’s favorite color is red. The one color she couldn’t stand? Green. There’s several colors I don’t like, the one I can’t stand the most is pink. Paige’s favorite color? Yeah. Pink.

Karma has a funny sense of humor.


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