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Surprise! July 22, 2011

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My Friday started out like any other. Nothing was out of the ordinary until around 1:30 when I checked my personal email. I had a notice from my insurance company about the change in my car policy and attached my new cards. I thought it was too early for my renewal but opened the cards anyway. It said 2011 Kia Sportage. Hmmm. I drive a 2011 Kia but it’s a Soul not a Sportage. Before I call the insurance company I call Ronnie. The conversation went a little something like this:
Me: “Where are you?”
Ronnie: “Heading home.”
Me: “Where ya been?”
Ronnie: “Work.”
Me: “Have you been to a Kia dealership today?”
Ronnie: “Surprise!”
Me: “I want an iPad 2.”

Yes, without discussing it with me my darling husband went out and bought a new car. I get his reasons and I’m glad he got a nice car and lowered the monthly car payment significantly. We won’t discuss how much longer we have car notes. After I got home from work Friday evening we made a quick trip to Best Buy. I’m typing up this blog on my new iPad. I’ve wanted it for a while and I’m really enjoying it. I know some wives who have their husbands buy jewelry as part of the I’m sorry process. Not me, I want technology. I’m wondering how much this will replace my MacBook Pro.


Assorted Updates March 3, 2011

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Most importantly, my Paper Bag Princess has a costume.  Yes, I have managed to cut holes into a paper bag.  Thank you for the applause, I have managed to master using scissors.  Some of you may wonder where I got a paper bag in today’s shopping world.  Granny’s store still uses them, and so does the commissary on base.  I raided Mom’s stash and grabbed a couple of paper bags.

I finally found our stuffed dragon.  He was in Paige’s room, located in the Pirate Princess Fort, guarding her doll house.  Yes, my little girl has a pretty good imagination.  The wagon is not completely ready for the parade yet, but it’s getting closer.  I have the dragon and a cardboard box.  Now to make the box look like a cave and finish decorating the wagon in beads to make it all festive.

My beautiful iPhone 4 has been returned to me!  Fed Ex was supposed to delivery it by 10:30 last Thursday morning.  It finally got here around 2 PM Friday afternoon.  I got it restored back to my apps and settings, and my new phone is up and running.  I’m enjoying being able to surf faster than ever.  In other Apple related news, iPad 2 has been announced.  It’s thinner, it’s pretty, and it’s coming out soon.  Not that I’ll be getting an iPad 2.  But, I’m hoping this means Apple will drop the price of the original iPad by half, like they do with the older iPhones when the new model comes out.  If they drop the price in half, it may come down into my price range.  And just in time for my birthday next month too.

Another thing I was waiting for was Patrick Rothfuss’ new book, The Wise Man’s Fear.  Beth over at C. Beth Blog turned me onto the author.  Book 1 was very good, and I was impatiently waiting for book 2, along with lots of other people.  The book was released Tuesday morning.  The book store opened at 10; I took lunch at 11 to go get my book.  I walked in and had to ask for a copy, since I couldn’t find it on the shelf.  There was a very good reason I couldn’t find it on the shelves, they hadn’t had time to place it on the table.  Every time they tried to make a spot for it and put it out, someone else came looking for it.  The bookstore started with 15 copies at 10 AM, and had 3 when I walked out the door.  As much as I would love to stick my nose in the book and not come up (like I do with Harry Potter), I have to go to work, and make a parade float.

And finally, our daycare dilema has been solved.  And it was solved the easiest way I know: we’re not moving.  Yes, it was that simple.  Either way one of us will have to make that commute.  And since we couldn’t find something in a decent area that we could afford, we decided to stay where we are.  We have an amazing daycare for before and after school care.  We’re in a very good school district where we are.  So, why not stay where we are?  It made sense to us.  Housing prices skyrocketed after Hurricane Katrina.  The further we get from it, prices are slowly coming down.  Hopefully prices will come down more and we’ll be able to find something we like and can afford.  Even better would be if the insurance reform is pursued in Mississippi like the rumors I’ve heard have said.  See, we can afford the mortgage on a house south of I-10, but we can’t afford the homeowners insurance.  At the end of next school year we’ll try again.

I think that’s everything around here that’s been going on.  Not all that exciting.  Except maybe the iPad 2 announcement.  It really is a very pretty piece of equipment.


Goodbye, Beautiful… February 21, 2011

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After 4 iPods, 1 MacBook Pro, and 2 iPhones, I’ve finally had a problem with an Apple product.  I can’t believe it either.  Yes, we’ve had 4 iPods,but that’s no Apple’s fault.  My first iPod was good, but not large enough, so I bought a larger capacity and sold my first on ebay to pay for the new one.  Ronnie’s first iPod was still going strong until it landed in a liter of water during our car accident back in August.  Both of us are still using our second iPods.  I bought my MacBook Pro about 4 years ago.  After 1 battery and an operating system upgrade it’s still going strong.  My first iPhone?  Still works, just doesn’t go as fast as I would like.  Good thing too, since I’ll be going back to it.

Sunday afternoon my phone rang.  Aunt Wii wanted me to look something up for her online while she was out shopping.  Too bad I couldn’t hear a word she was saying.  Nothing.  So we texted, which is my main form of communication anyway.  If it wasn’t for my Mom, I wouldn’t use very many minutes a month since I text everyone else.  (Now if Felicita out in LA breaks a finger or something, my text usage will drop by at least half.  Not even her 6 week hospitalization and birth of twins could stop us!)  Wondering if it was her phone or mine, I grabbed my work cell and called myself.  Using the very scientific method of speaking into one phone and listening on the other, I realized it was my beautiful iPhone that had a problem.

After a quick trip to the AT&T store, I realized I had to speak with Apple Tech Support.  They had me connect to iTunes and back up my phone, which I had already done before going to AT&T, and do a restore to factory settings.  The thought process being that it was a software issue that could be corrected that way.  Once the factory restore was done, I restored all of my backed up data, and tried my phone.  Still nothing.  I can hear from the speaker, but not from the handset itself.  One more not so quick call to Apple Tech Support got me set up for an exchange.

Apple is sending me a brand new iPhone 4, and I’m sending my old one back.  I’ll be without my pretty phone until Thursday most likely.   It really depends on if UPS is open or closed for President’s Day.  They have made this super easy too.  I take the SIM card from my old iPhone and pop it into the new one.  I can then restore the old phone to exactly how the new one is set up.  I was given a claim number that I can take to the UPS store.  Give them the claim number and they’ll package my iPhone 4 and return it overnight to Apple.  Once Apple gets it they’ll have a new phone sent out to me within 24 hours.  Really, not bad at all.

I spoke to a total of 3 people at Apple, 1 on each phone call, and all 3 were very nice and helpful.  Each person tried to offer me the extended warranty package, but I’ve turned it down.  I’ve never had a problem with any of my Apple products.  My old iPhone even survived hitting the window at 75 MPH during the accident and still worked wonderfully.  I didn’t have any kind of cover on it either.  I’ll consider the extended warranty on the new phone after I get it.


Hello, Beautiful February 8, 2011

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I have been lusting after you since June 7, 2010. I’ve admired your sleek lines, your super cool-ness. I’ve pictured you sitting next to my computer. You would look so great. You know, the Apple on the back of my laptop, and the Apple on your back. I’ve had your older brother (father? grandfather?), but he’s getting old and slowing down. He wasn’t big enough to handle all of the things I wanted him to do. Now, you are mine.

I’ve wanted an iPhone 4 since I first saw the pictures. Even the leaked picture was enough to tempt me. Sadly, I wasn’t up for an upgrade when it came out. I wanted it, but it was out of my reach. Then, I could upgrade, but the price tag wasn’t working with my checking account at the time. Then, Monday $200 just fell into my lap. It did, in the shape of a little envelope and the words “3rd Quarter Square Winner” written on it. I had spent $5 to enter the office Superbowl Squares. My numbers were lucky, and I ended up winning $200 for the 3rd quarter. Not too bad. So I spent the money on something I’ve been wanting for a while.

Paige has already asked if she can have my old iPhone. I think 5 is still a bit young for her first iPhone though.


Geeky Alphabet May 26, 2010

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I haven’t been Geeky enough lately.  A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning and I instantly fell in love with it!  Here’s the Geek Alphabet.

Geeky Alphabet on Geeks Are Sexy.

Now, I’ll admit I fall into many of those categories.  What letters fit me you ask?

A- this was my birthday present
D- David Tenant is still my favorite
E- I use them all the time 🙂
G- I’m a Gadget kinda girl
H- I like taking things apart, and putting them back together!
i- As I type this on my MacBook, text on my iPhone, and listen to my iPod
K- Gotta use one
L- I was her one year for Halloween, cinnamon bun hair and all
N- Hoping to see the next launch in person
O- I do like to use it
R- I could do this all day every day and be happy
S- I do like that class
T- Also good for crafts
U- Things are always changing
V- It makes things work
W- I sue it frequently
Y- I feel it’s my duty to raise the next generation of Geek.

Wow, 17 out of 26, not too shabby.


There’s an App for that February 22, 2010

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After several family members asked me what that meant, I realized not everyone knew.  App as in application.  The iPhone says they have an app for everything.  And you know what?  I think that could be true.  I’ve had my iPhone for about 6 months now I guess.  I absolutely love it.  It’s easy to use and everything is right there at the touch of your fingertips.  Having used it for a while now, I’ve found some apps that really make life easier.

Tozzle- This one is a matching game for preschoolers.  The phone as a scene in it, such as dinosaurs or fairies. Pieces of the scene are blacked out shapes.  Your child drags the full color version from the puzzle piece box to the correct location.  
Google- You can control it with your voice.  Push the Google app button, speak what you want to find, and it brings up the correct websites.  Works pretty good too.  In fact, when my computer at work freezes up, I use my iPhone to Google the answers I need.
Wikipedia- Works the same as the website, only faster to get to.
USAA- I have to say, my banks app is the best one I’ve found.  Not everyone can open an account, it caters to the military.  I joined when I was still active duty, so I’m in for life.  But, back to the app.  It rocks!  Need to check your balance?  You can do that of course.  But what makes this one special is the other stuff you can do: transfer money in or out of a mutual fund, get help when you have a car accident (they’re mostly an insurance company) and deposit a check, all from your iPhone.  Yep, you read that correctly.  If I need to deposit a check no need to go to the bank.  Whew!  They’re only branch is in Texas.  All I have to do is take a picture of it with my iPhone and it’s in my back immediately. Playing with the accident section of the app just now I realized it has a built in flashlight. Kinda cool.
Facebook- As a Facebook kind of person, I like being able to access it from my iPhone.  
SciFiWire- Get the latest news on the SciFi front.  A must in this house.
Fandango- Find your movie and purchase tickets, all while stuck in traffic on the way to the movies.
Local TV stations- A couple of our local stations have apps where you can check the latest news.
Lego Photo- You can turn an existing picture into a Lego-ized picture.  Or take a new one.  The old photo isn’t messed up, the new Lego version saves as a new picture.
There are lots of others, but these are some of my favorites. I have also found apps with pick up lines for chicks (really funny) or one to tell you if you’ve drank too much to drive.  

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