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And So It Goes September 11, 2013

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One of the drawbacks of Ronnie traveling is when Paige isn’t feeling well. Before, we would split the day. I would take the mornings, then he would get afternoons. That way neither of us missed a full day of work and we could easily take care of her. Now, when the school calls and says she isn’t feeling well, it’s all up to me.

This has now happened twice since school started a month ago. My job works with me and allows me to work from home. But really, it’s not that productive. I admire people who have the discipline to work from home and get a full work week completed. I’ve been home for a couple of hours now. I’ve checked Facebook, set up an event for our Girl Scout troop, read some of my book and watched NCIS. During that I did spend a little time working. I’ve actually worked myself to a stopping point.

Well, not exactly. There’s more I could do, but it’s hard to do with just one monitor. I’m so used to having two monitors that doing some things are just too difficult with one. So I also spent some time on New Egg finding a monitor. Maybe that will help me work from home a little better. Or maybe it would just allow me to check Facebook easier while I watch NCIS and pretend to work.


Tooth Fairy Origami September 19, 2012

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Our tooth fairy got a bit bored last week waiting for Paige to fall asleep. The result was two $1 bills being folded into a chain. That went over pretty well. Then the tooth fairy got lazy with the second tooth of the week and just folded them in half. Paige said it looked like an alligator mouth. With the third lost tooth she was anxious to see what the tooth fairy would make.

Crap! Time to enlist the tooth fairy’s helper. Most people know him as Ryan. Ryan has also helped make the tooth-money exchange for us. He stays up late and Paige has been waking up to try to catch sight of the tooth fairy. He can wait her out better than we can. He’s also much better at origami than we are. He’s the one who started this with the money chain. I didn’t get a picture of that before Paige unfolded it to see how much money she got. I did get a picture of the latest though. Ryan made a flying bird (pull the tail and the wings flap) and a butterfly. He’s tapped out on origami, he broke out his dollar bill origami book to practice for the next tooth.



Bye bye teeth September 17, 2012

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I guess when your child’s teeth all come in at the same time as a baby, they all go out at the same time. In the past week Paige has lost 3 teeth. Paige hasn’t lost a tooth in months. I was beginning to wonder when she would lose others. And she lost them right on time too. School pictures are next week. My little girl will have that cute little gap toothed smile for her first grade pictures.


First day of school August 16, 2011

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Monday Paige started school.  She was so excited to go to kindergarten finally and be at big girl school.  She had her uniform all picked out and ready to go so she would look her prettiest.  We went last week to meet her teacher and get acquainted with her classroom.  Her teacher, Ms W, is wonderful!  She’s been teaching school for 20 years; mostly kindergarten and first grade.  Ms W told us she missed most of last year due to an illness which has given her a new outlook.  Ms W was beyond excited to get back the grade she wanted.  Her illness? Colon cancer.  I don’t think we could have asked for a better teacher.  Before I go much further, I’ll appease the family and post a few pics.

Here’s a few stats for the first day of school.

The required first day sign.

Family picture.

Daddy walking her to class.

Yes, the backpack is almost as big as she is.  It’s mostly empty though, there’s only a lunchbox in there and the red go home folder.


Paige is going to learn a lot this year.  There’s the usual reading, math, listening that she will learn.  But there’s also tolerance and patience.  As much as we are free thinking parents, Paige has not been exposed to special needs kids.  Not that we’ve been trying to avoid anyone or keep her sheltered, only that there’s none in our daycare and we don’t know anyone with a special needs child.  Her class has a special needs child in it.  The little girl has an assistant who sits in the class with her to help out as needed.  Paige has already mentioned a couple of times that the girl doesn’t sit down, has special scissors, and a lady to help her stay in her chair.  We’re trying to teach Paige how to be friends with her and everyone else in class.

The first day of school was declared a success, with Paige wanting to go back.  If she keeps this attitude up, the school year could be decent.


“The Bestest Best Day Ever!” July 20, 2011

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Paige may not use the best grammer to describe her Tuesday, but I think it gets the point across.  Tuesday started as only the best day ever, but got even better by the end of the day.  It started with Ronnie and me taking off Tuesday to go on a field trip with Paige.  She’s been asking and asking since the beginning of summer for us to go on one with her.  I was saving it more for the end of summer to see how she would do.  Paige had some behavior issues on the first couple of field trips and her ability to continue going on them was severely jeopardized.  She settled down into things and has been on every field trip this summer.

I also picked today because it looked fun.  Well, as much fun as going on a field trip with 15 assorted 5 year olds can look anyway.  This one was to a painting party place.  Don’t have them in your area?  You’re missing out.  This session was geared towards kids of course, but we’re thinking of going back later after we get a sitter.  The place sketches out your requested picture, in this case a turtle for Paige & Mommy and a monkey for Daddy.  They do have more complicated pictures for adults.  The artist on duty walks you through painting your masterpiece.  When it’s adult time, you can bring your own beverages (alcoholic or not, it’s up to you) and some appetizers and spend a couple of hours hanging out with friends and having fun.  They even do birthday parties as well.

After the field trip we sent Paige back to daycare to get some errands accomplished in peace.  I don’t know a 5 year old who likes to sit at the dealership through an oil change and tire rotation.  I don’t know an adult who likes it for that matter.  Paige didn’t know but we had one more surprise in store for her.  Carmike Cinemas has a promotion where movies during a certain time frame are $5 per person.  And since it’s Tuesday drinks were $1 each.  We went to see Cars 2 this afternoon.  Popcorn is also discounted, but since we have the popcorn bucket we’re good no matter what.  We loan it out to friends and family all year long.

As we picked Paige up from daycare and told her about her surprise her entire face lit up.  Ronnie asked if this was still the best day ever; she replied “Nope! It’s the bestest best day ever!”  I was also told I’m the best mommy in the entire world.  Sounds like we both had a good day.


The Interrogator July 7, 2011

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I swear my child is in training to do interrogations for the CIA. Paige feels the need to question every little thing. While I know she’s asking questions to learn, it sometimes drives me insane. There comes a point when I have to tell her to stop asking questions.

Paige asks things like can she have something to eat or drink those don’t bother me. (Good thing since I have to feed her!) But when she asks if she can have a cheese stick and I say yes, then she asks why. That bugs me. If I open a cabinet she wants to know what I’m getting. If I put on a pair of shoes she wants to know why I didn’t pick a different pair. There are times she makes me feel like I’m being questioned by the cops for doing something wrong. I don’t know if this is typical 5 year old behavior or if Paige is just extra nosy. Whatever it is, i hope it’s a phase that passes quickly.


Housework? Blah! June 23, 2011

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Who needs to do housework?  Not me.  I’ve got clean laundry in the hampers, unfolded, waiting for me to wear them.  The kitchen has been cleaned & the living room is a mess.  The coffee table is covered in a 500 piece puzzle we’re working on as a family.  The kitchen table?  Well, we’re not going there.  You see, it’s been covered in skeins of yarn.

Skeins of yarn you ask?  Yes, most definitely, yes.  I’m completely obsessed with crocheting.  I’ve got a basket overflowing with yarn to finish my blanket.  I keep getting where I think is halfway done, only to realize it’s not big enough, and I have to add more than I thought.  What started out as a bright green and almost neon multi colored yarn has grown to include a bright blue and a bright pink as well.  I’m rotating the colors around so that I have extra large stripes of a solid, then multi colored, then solid.  The hardest part is trying to keep the pattern balanced and looking nice.  Once I get a bit further I’ll share my throw blanket.  Throw blanket may be an understatement.  I wanted something large that wouldn’t be skimpy at all.  It covers my feet to my shoulders and has room for more than one underneath.  It should be a great snuggling blanket when I’m done.

Not only am I crocheting a blanket, but Ronnie has learned to knit.  You read that right, my husband learned to knit.  He could already crochet, but he needed to knit in order to make a scarf like the one worn by Dr Who.  He’s currently working on a replica of a 14 foot scarf  worn by Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor.  He hopes that he can have it finished in time to wear on Halloween.  He may even wear it to my cousin Steven’s wedding in March.  Steven and his super amazingly cool fiancee Amber are having a Dr Who themed wedding.  I don’t know who’s more excited: the bride and groom or the geeky cousin!

With Ronnie and I both spending hours sitting on the couch with yarn we had to find something to keep Paige occupied.  Why not teach her to crochet?  That’s exactly what we did.  She can’t crochet very well or even do more than a simple chain stitch.  The important thing is she’s happy doing it.  She was super excited to learn to crochet and likes to sit down between us on the couch with her crochet hook and pink sparkly yarn and make chain stitches.  Our cats even got in on the action.  Ronan took over a skein of yarn that was left out one night last weekend.  She had a blast and left yarn all over the living room.  Ronnie cut it from the rest of the skein and rolled it up for her.  Now she leaves our stuff alone to play with hers.

It looks like for now we are a family of yarn fools.  Housework may be suffering, my Facebook games have most definitely suffered, and it looks like the blog is second priority as well.  I guess like any new hobby we have dived in and aren’t ready to come up for air yet.  Hopefully soon though.  I’m getting tired of digging to the bottom of the basket for clean bras every morning.


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