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Life in a Nutshell March 30, 2011

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Paige has been sick off and on for a week.  It’s her sinuses.  Everything is blooming here to the point that my green car is yellow.  All of us are having sinus problems.  When school calls to go get her because she’s either thrown up or is running a fever, our schedules get changed up.  Monday it happened just as Ronnie was supposed to get off work, so that was great timing.  Tuesday I took off to spend the day with her.  We had a movie day watching Tangled and The Neverending Story.  To my surprise Ronnie had never seen it, so I got to share it with both of them.  Neither of them liked it as much as I did.

Soccer practice is taking up time and making things more interesting.  Cooking and having decent meals is getting harder to do when we don’t get home until 6:30 and bedtime is at 8.  Our first game is Saturday morning.  It should be interesting watching the group of them trying to play a game.  No idea how well it will go, but as long as Paige is having fun, that’s all that matters.  One of the Dad’s there annoys me at practice.  He’s too competitive.  This is five and six year old soccer.  He’s out there with a boy only 4, says he’ll be 5 soon, and telling him how he has to score and to run faster, and all sorts of things like that.  It really bothers me.  I think at this age they should be out there learning to play and be good sports.  They will win some games and lose some.  I want Paige to enjoy the game either way and to realize that for every team that wins, a team doesn’t, and be nice about winning.  I don’t think this dad has the same ideas.  When we signed up we were given a booklet of information, including a guideline for how parents must act, or risk being banned from their children’s games.  Something tells me this dad won’t be around for long.

I’ve used my time off to put together the goody bags for Paige’s Easter party at school.  I’ve also stuffed the eggs for the Easter egg hunt they’ll have that day.  And I purchased the paper products for the party.  I think I’m pretty well ready for a party I can’t attend.  I’ve used up all my vacation time taking care of a sick baby girl.  I do still have a tax return to finish up this week.

For the most part things are hectic, but it’s exactly as I would expect.  Things never seem to settle down and go perfectly smooth.  If it does, I would wonder who’s life I’m in.  Things do have a tendency to work out.  Ronnie is off work Wednesday.  That means I get to go to work and not worry about getting that call that she’s sick.  I posted her symptoms on Facebook and found out that the same thing has been going around the 2 year old room at daycare, and typically lasts a couple of days.  If that’s right, then Paige should be able to go back to school Thursday.  Cross your fingers that it really happens that way.


I’m sick February 14, 2011

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I hated to admit it, but I finally broke down and said the words Saturday morning, then promptly headed to Urgent Care.  After only two hours, I walked out the door.  OK, so getting me to go wasn’t exactly that easy.  There may have been some complaining, foot dragging, attempts at compromise, but Ronnie’s tough and stuck to his guns.  He told me I sounded like I was hacking up a Volkswagon and my choices were cough syrup or the doctor.  I will avoid cough syrup at all costs, so I grabbed a book and headed to see the doc.

Urgent Care really was busy.  I’m not sure if all Urgent Cares in town were busy or only that one, since the doctors there are really good.  The waiting room was mostly full when I got there, and had completely filled up and started to empty by the time my name was called.    Once I was back in the room, my energy had already left me, so I laid down on the table with my book and waited my turn.  I’m not sure how long I waited in the room, but finally the doctor came in to see me.  The good news?  I came in before I got to the walking pneumonia stage.  The bad news?  It’s bronchitis.  Let me say that I haven’t been coughing up small cars for very long.  My couch started on Thursday and quickly progressed from annoying to if this keeps up I’ll have a new car in the driveway soon.  I signed in to Urgent Care at 9:15 and walked out the door with three prescriptions at 11.

Ronnie knew I would not take cough syrup if I had any other choice, that’s why he gave me the choice between the two options.  I now have an antibiotic, a cough suppresent for daytime in pill form, and nasty Robitussin AC for nighttime.  I hate it, but I take it.  Those few hours of sleep it gives me are better than the zero sleep I would get otherwise.  I’m taking Monday off work.  The doctor said I’m not contagious, but Ronnie doesn’t feel it’s safe for me to drive, and I have to agree.  I have an hour and a half commute in the mornings, and an hour in the evenings.  My cough is so bad that I’m making myself lightheaded and dizzy with each coughing spell.  There’s no way to make that sort of commute doing 75 on the interstate and coughing like this.  It’s just not safe.  Hopefully the cough will be better for me to return on Tuesday.  I’ve already let work know.  Hopefully another day of rest and relaxation will be exactly what I need.  I haven’t managed to type one full sentence of this post without stopping to cough.


They’re heeerrrrreeee November 12, 2009

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When I got home today, I saw this on the door between the two sides of the house.

Yeah, not exactly what I was hoping to see either.  Wendy was kind enough to warn us at least.  I’ve changed up a plan for Saturday so we don’t expose anyone else to the flu germs.  So far only Marc is sick and we want to keep it that way.  It’s the regular flu and Paige has already had her flu mist, so I think we’re good.  She’s also already been closely exposed to the flu and swine flu and she’s not caught it.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  I can handle being sick, but do not look forward to a sick baby girl.


Infections, infections August 5, 2009

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Paige is better from her nasty bought of sickness a couple of weeks ago. Last week, around Tuesday, my eyes started watering. Stuff is blooming around here, so I think it’s allergies, right? Right. Time to start the Claritin. (Or at least the generic Target brand that works just as well for 1/3 of the price.) By Thursday evening my eyes were red and watering a lot. Friday afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to an Urgent Care Clinic since I didn’t think I could get in with an ophthalmologist, Dr. G. I was told it was pink eye, use these drops, and it will get better.

By Monday it was worse. I called Dr. G’s office as soon as they opened. The receptionist told me to start driving to the office, they would see me when I got there. Dr. G wasn’t sure if it was bacterial or viral, but it definitely wasn’t pink eye. He put me on antibiotics. The red, puffy, I’ve been punched in the face look started to fade away. My eyes aren’t watering as much, but definitely still are. But by today my left eye is starting to burn as well. Lovely.

I go in today for a recheck. I’m not healing as quickly as he would like, and Dr. G would like a second opinion. You see, if an eye infection goes too long without getting better, and starts to get worse, then it starts to spread. What is close to the eyes that it could spread to? Your brain. That’s right, the brain. It’s very important to get eye infections under control as quickly as possible. Besides possible permanent eye damage, the wrong kind of infection can cause brain damage.

I go for the second opinion, with Dr. T. Dr. T does all kinds of test that Dr. G did, as well as a few others. His second opinion is I don’t have cellulites, which would require a hospitalization, I have a viral infection. That’s the good news. The really good news. I don’t like needles and those are kinda required for IV antibiotics. **Shudder** Dr. T’s opinion is that Paige gave me her viral infection and it set in my eyes. I’m now on 2 different medicines by mouth, and 2 different eye drops. That’s a total of 7 times a day I use eye drops, and 8 pills a day. That doesn’t count the usual Claritin, Aleve, other stuff I take daily. And the best news? His exact words were “I expect it to get worse before it gets better.” What a nice thought. Already by the end of the day my eyes are burning from staring at a computer screen so long, sunlight hurts so it’s hard to drive, and I get headaches a lot. That’s why you haven’t been getting very many posts lately. By this time of day my eyes and head hurt too much to look at the screen.

The worse part of this? I can’t wear contacts. I HATE to wear glasses. Absolutely hate it. I wear glasses for an hour or so a day, at most. That’s the few minutes between waking up and inserting contacts, and taking them out at night and going to sleep. I’ve thrown away the contacts I was wearing. I hadn’t been wearing makeup so I don’t have that to throw away. Looks like the only casualty is 1 pair of contacts, which I can live without. Oh, and my vanity because wearing glasses is the one thing I’m vain about.


We’re Better!! July 25, 2009

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I think it’s safe to say the fever has broken. I’m so glad. We got out and about for a bit today. It’s been hard on all of us being cooped up in the house for a week. Paige is very active and always wants to be out doing things. She would live outside if we would let her. Keeping her in wasn’t the best of ideas as far as she’s concerned. We got out and did a bit of window shopping for a Big Girl Bed.

It’s back to school for her on Monday and back to work for Mommy & Daddy. Actual full week of work, not a day on day off kind of work. I’m sure our bosses will be very happy about that. I know our bank account will be since I was out of PTO.


Sick Little Girl July 24, 2009

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It’s been going on since Monday. As soon as the Motrin or Tylenol wears off, her fever goes back up to the 103 range. She’s hit an all time high of 103.6. New record for us. Not one I really wanted to set, but we have, so I go with it. We’ve had 2 trips to our pediatrician this week. I like Dr. Harrell, but that’s 2 times too many. And he agrees. We’ve run tests for strep. Nope. UTI? Nope. Any bacterial infection? Of course not. Her white blood cell count is exactly where it should be. Except for running a high fever, she’s perfectly fine. She’s not really eating much, but we’re going through milk like crazy. The only thing he found in her urine was evidence that because she isn’t eating much her body is using up its minimal fat to function. Perfectly normal with what she’s going through. Great. I have a perfectly normal child with a fever. Hmp.

Ronnie and I have been taking days staying home with her. He was off Monday, so he got Monday & Wednesday. I got Tuesday and Thursday. I had already asked for today off. Daycare is closed in order for the workers to attend a 2 day conference out of town. I have learned a few things. Like Thursday morning is the best time to go to Walmart. Yesterday I made the weekly menu for next week and my grocery list. Not wanting to tackle grocery shopping on the weekend with a sick child, we went yesterday. There was hardly anyone there. It was nice.

Today she woke up with a temp of 101. Definitely an improvement over the 103 she’s been having the past few mornings. I’m making cheese grits & green eggs & ham for breakfast. After we eat, we’ll be going to the library and get my oil changed. Things that need to get done but I don’t care to do over the weekend.


All better! March 26, 2009

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Paige was able to go back to daycare today. Her fever yesterday started at 100.2 without medicine. I didn’t give her any, and her fever was down to normal by 9 am. After she was feeling better yesterday she was in rare form. Her behavior was just awful. At one point she threw her almost empty cup of milk on the ground. She told me there was a mess and I needed to clean it up. Yeah. She got a spanking, a few minutes in time out, and no TV for the afternoon.

This morning the battle was over putting on her shoes. She didn’t want to. Ah, the joys. Whoever said Terrible Two’s didn’t have a 3 year old. The 3’s are much worse than the 2’s ever were. We’re experiencing more and more head butting over the limits. We’re still set on them, but she’s trying to push them.

I’ve also finished the last of the taxes I said I would do this year. Well, other than taxes at work, or course. These were the personal ones I said I would do on my own free time. I’ve completed the difficult one & had it looked over. I did a great job & it’s now ready to be filed. The only thing left is the delivery.


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