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Green Belt March 1, 2011

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Paige has reached the level of Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Ronnie and I are very proud of her.  Just like with the yellow belt, she tested one night, on a Thursday, and we went back on Tuesday to see if she had made it.  We were beyond proud when we saw her run up when her name was called.

Off with the old belt.

And on with the new.

Now that she’s reached this level, we’re moving on to a different activity.  We’re proud of her accomplishment and how she stuck it out.  But, it’s just not active enough for her.  I’m about to become a soccer mom.  We aren’t those parents who overload their children with activities.  We only want her doing one thing at a time.  Anything else is just too much at her age.  Our only requirement is that she finish what she starts.  The Tae Kwon Do could be ended at any time, so we decided to end it now.  There’s still a month before soccer starts, but we needed to end now.  You see, green belts spar with each other.  I have no problem with Paige sparring with others in class since it’s structured and safe.  In order to make it safe we would have to invest in sparring gear.  Neither of us could see spending that type of money when we know we’re going to be stopping the lessons in a month or so.  It seems a waste of money to us.

Paige is a rather active child.  Tae Kwon Do has taught her some discipline and has increased her attention span and how well she listens to us, it has also increased her self confidence.  For that, we’re thankful.  It accomplished exactly what we hoped it would. She’s still as active as ever though, and her classes twice a week aren’t cutting it.  She can’t sit still during the time the other kids are practicing and gets easily bored.  Paige bored is not a good thing, it makes her act up and then she spends time sitting on the bench.  With soccer she’ll be out running most of the time.  We’ll have practice Monday and Wednesday evenings with games on Saturdays, most likely in the mornings.

Paige has been asking to play soccer.  Turning 5 at the end of January finally made her old enough to play.  We’re not sure how much she’ll like it.  If she does, we’ll sign her up for the next season.  If she doesn’t, I think we’ll try gymnastics next.  Again something active that will keep her going for most of a class time.  We want her to try different activities until she finds something she wants to stick with.  What she participates in we leave mostly up to her.  We’re willing to let her try most things once, as long as our checking account agrees.  Horseback lessons twice a week?  Probably more than we can afford.  She’ll have to learn to ride from her cousin Stephi.  Soccer, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, those are all things we can handle.  Now let’s just hope she likes it as much as she says she will.  Otherwise she’ll be a cranky 5 year old going to practices and games.


My Yellow Belt October 21, 2010

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Paige did it!  She got her yellow belt at the awards ceremony Tuesday night.  She worked hard and did her best.  I have a short video of her doing her beginning pattern.  She did it so fast the first time she had to stop and do it over again.

Doing her blocks was the hardest for her.  Learning the blocks took her the longest.

After the yellow belts were awarded last night they gathered for a group picture.

Paige and Daddy as we were leaving.

Tuesday night was a late night for us.  Paige did remind me that she gets to go to her crab restaurant now.  This weekend we’ll be headed to Red Lobster to hold up our end of the promise.  We talked about how now that she’s a yellow belt she’ll have to learn all new stuff.  Paige got very excited when she realized she gets to learn more in Tae Kwon Do classes.


Testing October 15, 2010

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Yellow belt testing was last night.  I have lots of pictures and video of the event.  We won’t officially know the results until Tuesday, but I’m pretty sure she got it.  Paige did great!  Everyone there just loved her.  After she did her pattern she had to demonstrate her blocks with a little boy.  She was supposed to be showing a side kick.  Instead she noticed his belt wasn’t tied properly and stopped to tie it.  I’ll post pictures and video later.  Right now Mommy is too exhausted to get up and get the camera.


Final stripe! October 13, 2010

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Paige did it!  At Tae Kwon Do on Tuesday she got her red stripe.  She got it for learning her blocks.  Now that’s all of the stripes she needs.  Paige gets to test for her yellow belt on Thursday.  She has an extra practice tonight.  Then we have to be there at 5 pm on Thursday.  Looks like I need to take off work a bit early.  Thursday is a big day for us.  Ronnie will be inducted into the Masons as well.

Paige did get the reward she was promised: a unicorn pillow pet.  She’s also been offered a reward for getting her yellow belt: we’ll take her to eat at Red Lobster.  She keeps seeing it and wanting to go there.  We thought it would be a nice reward for getting the yellow belt.  Hopefully Thursday night I’ll be able to blog about my little girl advancing to the next step in Tae Kwon Do!


Tae Kwon Do Girl August 11, 2010

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Enrolling Paige in Tae Kwon Do was a very smart move.  She really enjoys her classes.  Now that summer is over, the classes may get smaller.  The school was running a summer special.  That’s how we started with them, based on the recommendation of a good friend.  I’m not sure if some of the others who took advantage of the summer special will stay with it like we will.  It has done great things for Paige’s patience and listening skills.  We still have to say things to her, but she’s 4, what else would you expect?

Here’s my girl practicing her kicks.

Punches? Yeah, she can do punches.

There will be no class for us on Saturday.  This is the bi-monthly belt testing.  Paige isn’t quite ready yet.  Her instructor says she’s close to ready, but not quite there.  There’s no pressure from us to test for her yellow belt this soon anyway.  If it were up to Paige she would test though.  She wants that yellow belt.

She’s been doing well with her stripes.  She has to earn all 5 stripes in order to test.  She now has 4 of the 5, so she’s getting close.  Just a few more blocks to learn and she’ll have that last stripe.  I think her white belt is looking good these days.

At this rate Paige will be testing in October for her yellow belt.

Now to convince her there’s no pink belt.  She keeps asking when she will get that one.


Testing July 22, 2010

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Before I decide to move my blog I really need to test pit the app. No point in moving so I can blog on the go if I don’t like the app, right? I’m even going to try to attach a picture. I took it last week on the way to tae kwon do. She was listening to Bon Jovi on my iPod.


Highs and Lows July 8, 2010

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This afternoon was a roller coaster of excited and sad.  It started with a text.  A friend of a friend had purchased tickets from a scalper for the Buffett concert.  Because the concert was postponed and now he can’t go.  He was willing to sell the tickets for $25, half what he paid for them.  I got excited.  Yes, the concert is supposed to be free.  But he’s a local guy who bought them from a scalper.  It’s his bad for doing that, but at least he was willing to sell them for cheap.  I was so excited!

Then, came the low: his friend sold them for $50.  Given the two offers, of course he took the higher offer. He’s not making money, but breaking even.  I get that. But it doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed.  I will not pay that much for the tickets.  He does have a few other friends who may not go, so he’ll let them know if they need to sell theirs.

Then, another exciting moment: Paige got her first stripe in Tae Kwon Do!  Before she can test for her belt, she must do 5 things to prepare.  Reaching these achievements is marked with electrical tape on the current belt.  She got a green stripe for knowing all 5 stances.  Saturday she’ll recite the white belt verse, about honoring your mother and father, and will get her black stripe.  We have to work on the next items to learn.

Also, you’ll notice a new blog on my Blog Roll to the right.  Please stop by and visit.  It’s a friend of mine.  He’s a stay at home dad with 2 little girls. I’ve been following his more personal blog for a couple of years now.  The other was dedicated to his daughters medical problems, and oddly enough was hysterical to read most of the time.  So, stop by SAHD but not Unhappy when you get a chance.


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