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Oh my! January 17, 2009

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Daddy: “Paige, you need to pick up your toys.”

Paige: “No. My arms are broken.”

What???? Where do kids come up with these things? Sometimes I think she’s just too smart for her own good. Or mine.


Christmas Gifts January 15, 2009

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The good and the bad. We’ve had a few weeks to play with everything so I think it’s a good time to review. I must say, there wasn’t any really bad gifts this year. Everything she got she plays with. Some not as much as others, but she does play with everything. Let’s start with the big stuff.

Dollhouse. I thought Paige was getting old enough to play with this and enjoy it. I didn’t want to get her a plastic Fisher Price dollhouse. I wanted something she could grow with. This one is actually wood & came with furniture. She plays with this some, but not a lot. She likes to move the furniture & put the kids to bed. (We got her a Barbie, Ken & 2 little girls that came with a Barbie set.) The cats really enjoy sleeping in the kitchen of the dollhouse. And Ronnie hides the remotes on the terrace. I think this will get more use the older she gets.

Digital Camera. Picture quality isn’t the best. But, she does use her camera & loves it! Better yet, she’s stopped using my camera & dropping it. That makes Mommy very happy. It’s a 1.3 megapixel I think. She likes the games that she can play and that she can put funny hats or noses on our pictures. Following the recommendations from the reviews I read, we upgraded to a memory card so we wouldn’t lose any pictures if the batteries die. We haven’t gone through our first set of batteries yet and it’s gotten some pretty good use.

Vtech PC Pal. This is great! Paige loves to play on the computer, and now she can play on her very own! It came with one game and the keyboard & mouse. It plays all Vsmile games. We used a very nice Target gift card to get a joystick, Diego game & an ac adapter. The game selection on this one was better, to me, than on the Leapfrog. It goes up to age 7, so I think this will get lots and lots more use. It doesn’t come with an ac adapter, but runs on 4 batteries each for the keyboard & the game consule. Truse me, invest in the $9 ac adapter. You’ll save that much in batteries the first month! Grammy & Grumpy did good with this one.

Crayola Glow Board.
This says ages 5 and up. Don’t wait that long. If you find one in stock, grab it now! This was a gift from her Paw Paw and Aunt Maria. I will admit I hid this toy for about a week. She loves it and plays with it frequently. The one draw back is the markers dry out quickly. Paige isn’t the best about putting caps on her markers. She tries, but she sometimes doesn’t get the cap on completely. They dry out super quick. The directions recommend keeping them in a sandwich bag when not in use. Of the 6 markers it came with, 3 of them dried out within the first 2 weeks due to lack of correct capping. Of course it was the pink ones. I had a hard time finding replacement markers. This was an extremely popular gift this year. Until I could find replacement markers, I hid it under the couch. It was easier than listening to her whine (& get in trouble for it) because she couldn’t have pink markers. I found 2 packs of replacement markers & it came out from under the couch!

Board games: Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Ants in the Pants, Memory, Cooties. She’s a bit young and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sitting still long enough to play. I think these are the closest thing we had to a bomb this year. But, given a few more months, or maybe longer, I think she’ll grow to love these games as much as I did as a kid.

Books. Paige gets books every year. They are always a hit. This year one of her books was The Toddler Cookbook. This is pretty cool. We haven’t tried the recipes yet. We’ve been a bit busy. It’s got good ideas & a lot of pictures. Ronnie & I both like this publisher, they are great for their pictures. There are even party tips included for throwing a cooking party for your toddler friends. If you’re looking for something to get your toddler started in the kitchen, try this one.


One Less Identifying Mark January 13, 2009

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Let the crime spree begin! I have one less identifying mark. I have several moles, 5 to be precise. Four of them don’t bother me. Then there’s that one on the inside of my right elbow. It catches on things, then bleeds, then hurts for a week. I’ve wanted to have it removed for years. I finally did it today.

None of them have changed color or appearance. Well, except for that one on my left thigh. It’s gotten flatter as my thigh has gotten fatter. It had to spread out & cover more area! That’s usually the first thing to look for. And if you have moles, I suggest you watch them to make sure. The dermatologist did send it off to the lab. He said if he doesn’t then insurance considers it cosmetic & won’t pay for it.

I will have a scar where the mole was. It’ll be the same size as the mole & about the depth of a chicken pox scar. Not too bad. I’m really not worried about having another scar. I’ll just add it to the car accident scars, stitches & miscellaneous other bangs I’ve done to my poor body over the years. If you’re thinking of having a mole removed: go for it! There’s a few seconds of pain as you get a Novocaine injection. After that, all you feel is a bit of pressure. The tingly sensation in my hand took longer to go away.

So, let the crime spree begin. No one can identify me by my right elbow. Now, if only the government didn’t have my fingerprints & DNA.


Chalkboard Wall January 12, 2009

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One wall of Paige’s room is covered in chalkboard paint. It starts at the light switch and goes all the way to the baseboard. We did this about a year ago, maybe longer. She’s such a little artist. She just loves to draw and color. It seemed like a no-brainer to me to give her a wall she can color on.

Some people said they don’t think they could do it. What if the kids color somewhere else? So far we haven’t had that problem. We have a sand bucket full of chalk sitting by the wall. We’ve spent many happy hours coloring on the wall.

The one drawback to it is cleaning it. To really get the chalk off you need to use a damp cloth. After a while, it starts to wash away the chalkboard paint as well. I’ll probably need to repaint this spring. The painting is more like glooping it on. It’s very thick, and does require a couple of coats. It’s a wall she can use for years. Most kids love to draw. When she finally outgrows it, or we move out, it’ll probably require a can of Kilz to get rid of it. A small price to pay for the amount of fun we’ve had!


Paige’s party is coming January 11, 2009

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Paige is super excited. I let it slip last week that she’s having a birthday party. She didn’t even know her birthday was coming up. Bad Mommy! Now she’s worrying about who’s coming to the party, and what color everything will be. For the record Grammy & her friends MUST be there, and everything should be pink.

This year we’re going with an arts & crafts themed party. You know, all the stuff most parents won’t let their kids play with at home. We’ll set up on the carport with tables and different stations. We’re set to have:

  • Paint
  • Markers, crayons
  • Play doh
  • Tattoos
  • Chalk
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Stickers

I think that’s it. I have several crafts lined up, such as making their own necklace, and a hand print flower. I’ll provide aprons for the kids so they don’t get their clothes all messed up. For those I’ll go to the thrift store & purchase button up shirts to cover their clothes.

When the party is over I’ll wrap everything up in the plastic tablecloths & throw it away. We can get out the power washer & hose down the carport if needed. We’ve invited 12 kids. Most are around 2 to 3 years old, with a few closer to 5 or 6.

I think overall it’s a great idea for a kids party. We should have a blast. Her party is scheduled for the 24th at 11:30. A light lunch will be served: ham salad sandwiches, egg rolls, pizza rolls, veggie tray, relish tray, chips & dip, and cake & ice cream. We’ll ice down drinks for everyone & let the party tend itself. I want to be able to enjoy her party & socialize with friends and family. I don’t want to have to spend the entire party trying to keep things running.


A herd of elephant on my roof January 9, 2009

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I sat down tonight to blog about Paige’s upcoming birthday party. It’s definitely going to be interesting. But, that will have to wait. As I sat down at my laptop, a herd of elephant started running across my roof.

What herd of elephant you ask? Or, how can your roof support a herd of elephant? It’s actually the cats. We have 2 cats, and Wendy has 2 cats. We have a flat roof over our bedroom. When the cats start playing up there it sounds like a herd of elephant are trampling over our heads. Normally it’s funny to hear them. Paige just giggles when they run. At other times they do it in the middle of the night. On those nights I swear we’re getting rid of the cats. Never happens.

Maybe if we were smart we would cut down the trees close to the house. That’s how the cats get up there in the first place. But, they are some pretty oaks, and we don’t want to lose them. So for now we have to live with the herd of elephants, um cats, running across the roof.

Think we should put them on diets? And don’t even get me started on what it sounds like when they chase squirrels. I’ve been to concerts that aren’t as noisy.


First Sinus Infection January 8, 2009

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There’s something you don’t find a place for in baby books! Have I mentioned that Paige has been cranky lately? Oh, you say I have? I thought so.

Yesterday Paige had 2 nosebleeds, something she’s never had before. I decided it was time to go to the doctor. Luckily, we have a great pediatrician! Dr. Laycock is wonderful. We called at 7:30 and had an 8:30 appointment. My poor little girl has post nasal drip & a sinus infection. Just what she needs. Sinus infections are rather painful. At least that explains why she’s been so cranky lately.

I know that at almost 3 she can’t really tell me yet exactly what is wrong. I’ve been quizzing her lately. I would ask about ears, throat, tummy, the usual stuff. Yesterday she said her ears hurt. Then later she said they didn’t.

Unfortunately it looks like Paige has inherited my sinus problems. I do wish she hadn’t. That’s one of the things I didn’t really want to pass on to my child. My sinus issues, Ronnie’s finger toes, the poor child is doomed! She’ll be the kid at the beach with the runny nose & ugly toes. 😦


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