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And So It Goes September 11, 2013

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One of the drawbacks of Ronnie traveling is when Paige isn’t feeling well. Before, we would split the day. I would take the mornings, then he would get afternoons. That way neither of us missed a full day of work and we could easily take care of her. Now, when the school calls and says she isn’t feeling well, it’s all up to me.

This has now happened twice since school started a month ago. My job works with me and allows me to work from home. But really, it’s not that productive. I admire people who have the discipline to work from home and get a full work week completed. I’ve been home for a couple of hours now. I’ve checked Facebook, set up an event for our Girl Scout troop, read some of my book and watched NCIS. During that I did spend a little time working. I’ve actually worked myself to a stopping point.

Well, not exactly. There’s more I could do, but it’s hard to do with just one monitor. I’m so used to having two monitors that doing some things are just too difficult with one. So I also spent some time on New Egg finding a monitor. Maybe that will help me work from home a little better. Or maybe it would just allow me to check Facebook easier while I watch NCIS and pretend to work.


Our New Normal August 30, 2013

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Things have changed quite a bit around here.  I’ve taken a job back in the office I started in.  I’m still with the same company, but instead of an hour commute each way I have a 10 minute commute.  That worked out perfectly since Ronnie also took a promotion.  His promotion has taken him further away from home.  


Ronnie now travels.  A lot.  He will be away for the majority of football season.  His new job is twofold.  First, during football season he is in charge of the alumni skyboxes at a major university.  It’s an SEC school and all alumni boxes get catered food at the football games.  He is the one who oversees all of the food.  Once football season is over he will be traveling, but not as much.  He will travel as a corporate trainer for the company he works for.  He has stayed with the same company just taken a promotion with them.  They’re a good company and he really likes it there.


This is definitely something new for us.  We’ve never had him away from home this often.  We Skype frequently to help with missing each other.  Paige asks most nights to Skype with Daddy.  She’s adjusting to this pretty well.  The biggest change for me is now I’m doing the single parent gig.


I’ve always had Ronnie here to help me out.  In fact, he’s done the majority of activities with Paige.  His work hours had him off at 2:30 every afternoon.  He could get Paige and get her to Girl Scouts, soccer, swim lessons, all that good stuff.  While my job is willing to work with me on activities, it’s still not always possible to leave at 3:45 on a Tuesday to get to Girl Scouts.  As a result, I’ve joined with a friend to start our own troop. I’m still doing soccer and swim lessons, but at least one thing is easier to mold into my schedule.


So, stick around and watch me lose my mind a little at a time!


Habitat for Humanity October 4, 2012

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The company I work for celebrated an anniversary Monday. One of the values the company holds is to make a difference in the community. To honor the anniversary the company closed every office in each state. Instead of going to work, all employees went into the community to help others. Some offices helped out in soup kitchens, retirement communities, children’s hospitals, and more.

Our office helped with Habitat for Humanity. Our local chapter doesn’t usually work on Monday, but made an exception for us. As we were told, they don’t usually get 25 women (and 2 men) who want to work all day. The home we worked on is one of the largest that Habitat builds. It has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s being built for a family with 8 children.

I spent the day painting, putting up a chalk line for siding, caulking the house and putting up foam insulation. It was a long day, but we had a lot of fun. Half of our crew put on the roof. Something cool about this house is its woman built. Women raised the funds and have done 95% of the work. It was very rewarding to see the house making progress. It’s also cool that it’s in the same neighborhood that Ronnie lived in as a kid.


Routines September 13, 2012

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I’ve been trying to get us into a new “normal” routine since I took a job back in town. It’s been hard to do that because our weeks have been anything but normal. Last week Ronnie went out of town on a business trip. Instead of being able to come straight home I had to go down one of the busiest streets in town to pick Paige up from daycare. By the time I did that and got home, it was getting late and we still had to make dinner and homework.

This week got a bit better. Ronnie’s back and we started to get into our new routine. Until we had an unexpected soccer coach meeting last night. That threw us off on our usual. It also made me realize I don’t know why I’m trying to get us to normal when it’s all going to change next week anyway.

Soccer season starts Monday. Monday and Wednesday nights we’ll have practice until 6. Soccer games will be on Saturday mornings. Then there’s Girl Scouts on Tuesday. Ronnie has Masons every other Thursday. Friday nights seem to be our night at home to relax. More likely they’ll be used to get ready for Saturday morning. I’ll be juggling soccer games with Girl Scout commitments.

Things are going to be busy until mid- November for us. We have some great things coming up with Girl Scouts especially. We will get to travel to Mobile for a camp out on the USS Alabama even! Paige and I are very excited about that.


My (Lack of) Commute September 4, 2012

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Since January 2, 2011, I’ve driven about 130 miles each day as I commuted to work. I really enjoyed the work I did, but I didn’t love the commute. It took about 2 1/2 hours each day including a drive in the opposite way to take Paige to daycare. Daycare would them take her to school and pick her up after. Today my total commute was 14 miles and lasted 30 minutes. Half that commute time was spent in the school drop off line.

That’s right, not only do I get to sleep 2 hours later each day, but I also get to take Paige to school. Daycare still picks her up in the afternoon, and Ronnie picks her up from there. I think this could work well for us, especially on weeks like this. Ronnie left after dinner for a business trip. I’ll be able to leave work at 5, get her and still have time to have dinner and do homework. I can get used to this.


Work Trip January 10, 2011

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Wednesday I got an email from Ronnie “Call me.”  So I call him thinking this type of email is never good.  The company he works for is having a crisis in Dallas and they want him to come out and help with it.  He needs to know from me if he can go, or if there’s something going on here to stop him from going.  My first thought is about picking Paige up from after care in the afternoons.  I drop her off at before care when I leave in the mornings.  But with me working so far away from home, there’s no way I can get her before they close at 6 pm.  And I really hate leaving her in there that long, even if it’s only for a week.  Once we get moved she’ll spend a lot less time in before and after care.  I ask him to call Aunt Wii to see if she can help out with picking her up.  If Aunt Wii can do it at least three days, I’ll see about changing my time for the other two days to leave work early.  Aunt Wii is able to do it all five days, so I give him the go.

Ronnie pulled out Sunday morning.  He’ll be back Saturday, so it’s a full week without him.  Trying to juggle Paige, work and a 2 1/2 hour commute each day is going to be a challenge.  By the time he gets back I’m going to be ready for a pedicure and some alone me time I’m sure.  Paige and I spent a great lazy day on Sunday, not getting out of jammies all day.  It was wonderful!  We watched movies, played countless games of Go Fish, snacked, read and just relaxed.  Of course, the usual issues still occurred when I announced it was shower time.  That’s when the usual bedtime “I don’t wanna’s” start.  Oh well.  If that’s our only issue, I’m sure we’ll have a good week.


New Year, New Job January 4, 2011

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I started my new job today.  I’m still with the same company, but I’ve moved to a different office, across the state line.  It’s a completely opposite job from what I’ve been doing.  Paige stayed the night with my cousin Stephine last night so I didn’t have to worry about dropping her off at school today.  School was out for a teacher workday. Plus, I didn’t have to be in until 10.  The office manager was coming off vacation, and it was her first day back as well.  She needed some time this morning to get everything together before she had a new hire to deal with.

Tomorrow will be back to a normal routine.  I’m not really sure what that that normal routine is.  I do know that I should be getting home every day around 6-ish, with my commute.  It’s the mornings that I’m not sure of.  I’ll have to drop Paige off at school first, which is the opposite direction of the interstate.  In fact, I live by the interstate, and will have to go back halfway across town to take her to school, then back track to get to the interstate.  It will probably take us a few days to get into the groove of things.  Once I get it figured out, it should be just fine.


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