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Tooth Fairy Origami September 19, 2012

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Our tooth fairy got a bit bored last week waiting for Paige to fall asleep. The result was two $1 bills being folded into a chain. That went over pretty well. Then the tooth fairy got lazy with the second tooth of the week and just folded them in half. Paige said it looked like an alligator mouth. With the third lost tooth she was anxious to see what the tooth fairy would make.

Crap! Time to enlist the tooth fairy’s helper. Most people know him as Ryan. Ryan has also helped make the tooth-money exchange for us. He stays up late and Paige has been waking up to try to catch sight of the tooth fairy. He can wait her out better than we can. He’s also much better at origami than we are. He’s the one who started this with the money chain. I didn’t get a picture of that before Paige unfolded it to see how much money she got. I did get a picture of the latest though. Ryan made a flying bird (pull the tail and the wings flap) and a butterfly. He’s tapped out on origami, he broke out his dollar bill origami book to practice for the next tooth.



Bye bye teeth September 17, 2012

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I guess when your child’s teeth all come in at the same time as a baby, they all go out at the same time. In the past week Paige has lost 3 teeth. Paige hasn’t lost a tooth in months. I was beginning to wonder when she would lose others. And she lost them right on time too. School pictures are next week. My little girl will have that cute little gap toothed smile for her first grade pictures.


It’s Soccer Time! September 16, 2012

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This is our 3rd season playing soccer. We chose to play at our local YMCA. We enjoy the non competitive format. Yes, there’s a score and yes, there’s an actual winner. However it’s less cut throat than playing at the local parks. Some of those leagues are super competitive. Paige is still developing her skills. We’ve moved up from digging in the dirt and biting our nails to actually running after the ball. That’s a huge improvement!

We will be coaches for the 2nd season, coaching ages 5-7. Our goal is for the kids to learn good basics, and to still like it at the end of the season. Neither of us believe kids should be pushed so hard that they hate the game. If a parent wants a more competitive league, they are welcome to join the park teams. Each parent wants different things for their kids.

We have practices on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with games on Saturday morning. There are 2 weeks of practice before the first game. There are either 6 or 8 games before the tournament at the end of the season. I will miss 2 games for prior Girl Scout commitments.

Now comes the fun part. Now we juggle soccer, homework, and Girl Scouts. Ronnie is a co-leader and has homework to prepare things for the girls to earn their journeys and badges. I help out a lot with the girls as well. I can’t make it to the meetings since I’m still at work when they start. Ronnie can’t go to a lot of the weekend events since there are a lot of overnights and men can’t generally attend them. By the time we get into the groove of things and have the routine down perfect, the season will be over and things will seem dull.


Routines September 13, 2012

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I’ve been trying to get us into a new “normal” routine since I took a job back in town. It’s been hard to do that because our weeks have been anything but normal. Last week Ronnie went out of town on a business trip. Instead of being able to come straight home I had to go down one of the busiest streets in town to pick Paige up from daycare. By the time I did that and got home, it was getting late and we still had to make dinner and homework.

This week got a bit better. Ronnie’s back and we started to get into our new routine. Until we had an unexpected soccer coach meeting last night. That threw us off on our usual. It also made me realize I don’t know why I’m trying to get us to normal when it’s all going to change next week anyway.

Soccer season starts Monday. Monday and Wednesday nights we’ll have practice until 6. Soccer games will be on Saturday mornings. Then there’s Girl Scouts on Tuesday. Ronnie has Masons every other Thursday. Friday nights seem to be our night at home to relax. More likely they’ll be used to get ready for Saturday morning. I’ll be juggling soccer games with Girl Scout commitments.

Things are going to be busy until mid- November for us. We have some great things coming up with Girl Scouts especially. We will get to travel to Mobile for a camp out on the USS Alabama even! Paige and I are very excited about that.


Build and Grow September 11, 2012

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Lately our Girl Scout troop has been going to Lowe’s Build and Grow events. These are fun and free, which is a complete bonus! You will need to register your child for the events. Lowe’s website makes everything easy. Click on the link and search for your city. I changed mine to Hawaii for this post. Once you find your local Lowe’s, click on register, and fill in the info.

Once you get there the kids will get an apron, and safety goggles. They have small hammers made for the kids to use. After you build the project kids are presented with a certificate and a patch for Scout uniforms. If you aren’t a scout, you can do what you want with it.

We have a nice little collection of wooden toys. Paige enjoys building them and getting to take it home. She proudly shows off what she’s made to everyone who’ll stand still for 30 seconds and look.


My (Lack of) Commute September 4, 2012

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Since January 2, 2011, I’ve driven about 130 miles each day as I commuted to work. I really enjoyed the work I did, but I didn’t love the commute. It took about 2 1/2 hours each day including a drive in the opposite way to take Paige to daycare. Daycare would them take her to school and pick her up after. Today my total commute was 14 miles and lasted 30 minutes. Half that commute time was spent in the school drop off line.

That’s right, not only do I get to sleep 2 hours later each day, but I also get to take Paige to school. Daycare still picks her up in the afternoon, and Ronnie picks her up from there. I think this could work well for us, especially on weeks like this. Ronnie left after dinner for a business trip. I’ll be able to leave work at 5, get her and still have time to have dinner and do homework. I can get used to this.


I’m back! September 1, 2012

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It was just too hard to try to blog with my work schedule and commute. Spending 2 1/2 hours in a car, 5 days a week makes sitting on the couch and blogging a low priority. Well, Friday was my last day of the commute. I’m going back to working at my old job. It’s all the same company, but my daily commute just got cut down to almost nothing. I’ll be able to take Paige to school every morning and still get to work on time. Paige and I can also sleep until 6:30 instead of getting up with Ronnie at 4:30. Paige is super excited. You can expect more frequent blog posts now. Probably not everyday since we have so much going on. But I’ll be posting several times a week at least.

A lot has happened since I stopped blogging. Paige is in girl scouts. Ronnie is an awesome dad who is a co-leader. I help out on trips as well. Paige also plays soccer, and I’m sure you can guess who the coaches are. So far first grade has been easy. Of course, the fact that we missed almost a week because of Hurricane Isaac makes it even better.


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